Maddie Becomes the Finder of Lost Flapjacks

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Nothing left here but the crumbs my friend!

As my 8-month-old daughter Maddie continues to reject stage 3 baby food – her appetite for the real deal is quickly growing out of control.

This morning as the sun was coming up, we had cakes on the griddle – and business was a boomin! I kept setting up the mini-pancakes and Maddie kept knocking them down!

  • I’d pluck the fluffy disc off of the stove
  • Maddie’s mom would tear the cake in half
  • And Maddie would bring the magic

By magic I mean that my little girl seizes the tiny cake in her paw, crushes it into a ball and slams it into those gaping jaws. Holy cow lady, “Take Human Bites!”

Just to slow her down on the fun cakes, we tried to mix things up with some strawberries, but Maddie barely skipped a beat! She has a new favorite and wanted to make sure she got her fill.

What’s makes this pancake pandemonium even more remarkable is that this was just round one. Just a few hours later at brunch, Maddie put on second eating display more prolific than her morning performance.

We met our friends Michelle and Dan for a brunch to remember. Maddie quickly situated herself onto Michelle’s lap and then went right to work. She tore into a myriad of foods with an unbridled enthusiasm that must be seen to be believed.

The baby conquered the cantaloupe, beheaded the berries and even downed a decent sized portion of sweet potato fries. It was a true festival of the foods and Maddie was more than happy to take center stage. Even after the meal, Maddie made it a point to chew on Michelle’s necklace a little bit to make sure that no morsel was left behind.

One thought on “Maddie Becomes the Finder of Lost Flapjacks

    The worst part of feeding « sewrite said:
    May 23, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    […] It also bothers me that every meal time takes us at least an hour and a half, sometimes more. You know what that means? It means that at least 4.5 hours of every day is spent with Eric or myself getting frustrated while we attempt to get Maddy to “eat”. I hate it. I hate it so much. Many days either Eric or myself end up storming out of the kitchen too frustrated to continue, and the other has to step in to finish up the meal. I so wish that I had a Maddy like this Maddie. […]

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