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Everyone Leaves, Maddie Takes First Step

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Hold on, let me finish this text!

Maddie’s keen sense of timing continues to fire on all cylinders. The baby did quite a bit of standing during her birthday weekend, but gave no indication that she was ready to take her first step.

But Monday afternoon when her mom got home from work, Maddie decided the time had come. She stood up, took a quick look around and took her first step. Even though I missed the step, I expected more. I waited for the beams of light and listened for the orchestra to start playing “Ode to Joy.” Alas, none of these things happened.

Maddie sat down after taking her first step, but she was just getting warmed up. It didn’t take her long to stand up and take another step. I couldn’t believe I missed it again. But Maddie wasn’t going to let her dad miss out on this one.

She proposed an unspoken deal I couldn’t refuse. Maddie would rob me of my blackberry and I would sit there and stare at her. The baby stood up as her fingers flew over the touch screen. Then, staring straight at the phone, she took a no-look step. That’s good and bad I suppose.

I’m pleased that she is learning to walk, but it appears that we are already behind the curve in teaching her to watch where the heck she is going. Oh well, it’s all about the baby steps.