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Maddie’s Mother’s Day Photo Spread

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– Thanks and love to my amazing teenage cousins who took all of these magnificent photos

Let me show you how to use that thing!
My personality sizzles even without color!
Hey Uncle Tim, Wanna play me?
Daddy, I’m going to gently remove your head.
There’s nothing wrong with being this precious.
Put your hands together party people!
I thought Mother’s Day was over

Maddie Makes Good on Her First Mother’s Day

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I’ll make it rain up in here!
Maddie had a full slate in front of her when she woke up this morning. She had dates with both sets of grandparents, church and house full of cousins in Western New Jersey. That’s a great deal of excitement for a 9-month-old superstar like Maddie, but she was ready to make the best of it. 
It was also a really BIG day for Maddie’s mom – After all, this is her first Mother’s Day as a mom! So we started the day off opening presents and Maddie was more than willing to pitch in. She helped me pick out the present, so she should play a part in cracking it open.
After presents were open we headed out to mass and quickly learned from our priest that Madrid was in Portugal. (Did the Spanish move it?) It took all of Maddie’s supreme self-control not to correct the padre! However, 20 minutes into the service, Maddie started screeching with delight. Of course we’re always happy when Maddie is excited, but the congregation may not have seen things that way.
The amazing thing is that Maddie basically kept up her great mood all day long. Even when we got to my parents home and she was the loving center of attention to a houseful of cousins, she made it a point to show everyone her smile. The baby was more than happy to pose for multiple pictures and played with everyone who came her way. Maddie showed once again why we are so terribly blessed to have such an energetic, tender and good spirited little girl – Happy Mother’s Day!