Rainy Day Girls

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I've left the snow behind
I’ve left the snow behind
It's still a bit wet for my tastes
It’s still a bit wet for my tastes

Bedtime – This is Not a Drill!

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What happened to the water?
What happened to my water?
What happened to my britches?
What happened to my britches?

Maddie and Savannah Roll Out 500th Post

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One day before I actually became a Stay-Home-PaPa, Maddie’s parents were toiling away in a New Jersey hospital wondering when Madeleine might actually decide to join the party.

Several soon-to-be aunts, uncles and grandparents were looking for updates when it was decided that creating a short blog would be a great way to keep everyone “in the know.”

Maddie made her triumphant debut about 24 hours later and it seemed like a good idea that the blog could follow her around for a month or two before fading away into oblivion.

That was 499 blog entries ago.jac

Now Maddie has a little sister (Savannah) who’s not so little anymore and may be putting her big sister in a headlock by Christmas.

However, both Maddie and Savannah wanted to thank all of their interested family, friends and visitors who have followed their adventures. The girls hope they can continue to entertain and amaze with all of their wild exploits in the 1 (1)

Who Wants Breakfast?

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Step it up, we're on a tight schedule!
Step it up, we’re on a tight schedule!

Bottle Runs Dry, Baby Eats Foot

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If only I had a tooth!

When times get tough the tough get going. This morning when Maddie’s bottle ran dry, she didn’t shed any tears, she just hunted down and snagged an alternative food source.

She had been eyeing those toes for several days now and it was only a matter of time before my little predator leapt into action.

Maddie was clearly on the hunt today, every sense on razor’s edge as the sun crept up casting flecks of vermillion across the brightening morning sky.

The baby caught just the faintest scent of her prey and knew those succulent little feet couldn’t be too far off. She moved against the wind meshing with the lazily tilting grass so the toes would be caught completely off guard.

The feet were getting restless now as if they could sense that something was amiss. One toe scanned the horizon and stopped for a moment on the nearby outcropping of tall grass. Maddie froze, not daring to twitch a muscle. Satisfied that nothing was out of the ordinary, both feet settled down.

The baby needed no engraved invitation – she grasped the unsuspecting foot before it knew what happened. Her gnashing gums worked the big toe, providing no sustenance what-so-ever. The mighty hunter pondered her conquest and was beginning to wonder why her own toes were covered with baby saliva. She finally let the wild foot go, but her smile sent a clear message, “This isn’t over!”