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Maddie Turns Photo Shoot into Jail Break

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I won’t sit in it, but I would be happy to move it for you.

Maddie conjured up her inner-Honey Badger for her first formal holiday shoot. The baby was on the run from start to finish and was quoted as saying, “No prison can hold me!”


It’s ironic that Maddie kept trying to run into other family’s photo shoots, but had absolutely no interest in sitting still for her own.


Her protests were loud, her fuse was short and attitude was just south of plum loco!


The photographer was patient even though Maddie continuously made a break for the exit at the beginning of every shot. To be fair, the studio was about 40 minutes late in taking our pictures and this directly encroached into Maddie’s naptime.


When all was said and done, Maddie had some very cute shots. That’s a miracle considering the honey badger spent her afternoon, running, ducking, thrashing and spinning.


We’ve already contacted National Geographic and the next time we decide to take pictures, they will send out a wildlife photographer who has experience with dangerous jungle savages like the Mad Madster.

Maddie’s U.S. Open Photo Spread

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I predict a straight set romp!
Can’t touch this!
Good luck my friend!

Strike the pose
You can’t stop her, you can only hope to contain her!

Attitude Never Takes a Day Off

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That’s how you eat a cranberry muffin!
Fashion is not a hobby, it’s a way of life
Did you come up with that all by yourself?
Start me up!
I said no carrots!
My work here is done

Baby Insists that Birthdays are About Balloons

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I’ll be right up!
These are mine!

This purple one is taunting me!

I got this!

Maddie’s Birthday Family Snapshots

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Actually, let’s start with me
I didn’t agree to this
How does someone get a drink around here?
This place is standing room only
Aunt Joni, did you know that I’m a Leo?
Ready for your fantasy football draft?
I’m burning up the rug in this rig!
Uncle Jon, you amaze me!

Beach Baby on the Prowl

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Anybody looking for the car keys, I’m ready to go
Are we in the right place?
My pacifier helps me cut down on sand consumption
It’s all about the shoes
I’m taking care of business here