Baby Teaching Her Father to Fetch

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Well, did you find my pacifier?

Maddie went a little bit overboard on her pacifier-tossing mission during this morning’s walk. At this point, I’m worried that her first words will be, “Fetch, boy!”

Her first herculean toss was executed just as we were walking out of our beloved Starbucks. I leaned down to hand Maddie a piece of bagel. She snatched the passy out of her mouth and clutched it in her right paw. It was fine with me if she wanted to hold onto it.

We were all the way to the corner before I realized that her pacifier was MIA. I swung a quick u-turn and began the morning hunt. I was amazed when I spotted the infernal device more than twenty feet away from anyplace where we had walked.

Did a dog move it? Did it levitate? Did some angry businessperson give it a good kick? I guess we will never know. We went back into Starbucks, gave the pacifier a good cleaning and were on our way.

The pint size comedian still had a few more tricks up her sleeve, but for now she was playing it cool. About 45 minutes later, Maddie began petitioning me for another shot at her pacifier. We were headed up the train platform as I handed it over to Maddie.

She sucked the pacifier for about ten seconds before transferring it to her hand and firing it onto the train tracks and of course there was a train coming. Somehow we made it home in one piece with the pacifier safely in my pocket. Let’s face it, Maddie is more than a little bit crafty!!

Maddie Feels the Need for Speed

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I can’t drive 55!

Maddie’s father sat this one out, but once again the baby was driven by her love of speed

Since it was too hot to run around outside today, the baby suggested lunch out would be a smart alternative. Maddie had never tried the Cheesecake Factory before, but was anxious to give it a shot. She rounded up her grandmother and a couple of her favorite aunts and they were off.

All reports indicate that Maddie was on her best behavior basking the glory of all of that female attention. It seems that my little girl did her best to get the waiter’s attention, but he did not look over. He did suggest a bread and banana plate for the baby, but aside from that was not into giving her the time of day.

After lunch, Maddie was ready for nice stroll, but was definitely not interested in dealing with the 100 degree heat index. Her family decided to hit the mall where Maddie could still catch an eyeful without overheating.

Aunt Joni was enjoying the privilege of pushing her majesty around the mall when she noticed some complaints coming from the stroller. It seemed that Maddie wanted Aunt Joni to pick up the pace. Joni upped the speed and not only did the complaints fall silent, but Maddie actually started clapping to show her approval. Once again, Maddie made it clear that she is forever infected with the need for speed.