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Maddie Shakes Up Tennis World

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That’s One Sweet Pear

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The time had come to take the pear by the horns
The time had come to take the pear by the horns

The Great Rock Hunt at MiMi’s Crib

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Capturing rocks is a dirty business!
I never find too many rocks on the stairs – But you gotta believe!
Are you following me?

Maddie Exposed to Sharks in a Pond

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Wait, are those real sharks?

It was all pomp and circumstance as Maddie’s relatives made their way into the New York Metro Area for the baby’s very first birthday party. Maddie’s countdown is on as Olympic Committee Officials continue to fret that the baby’s big day has already completely overshadowed interest in the games. Word of last night’s punch drunk interpretative history of the UK during the opening ceremony still has Maddie scratching her head.

As Maddie was returning from her late walk yesterday, she was probably anticipating a little dinner and bed. However, she knew that when she walked into a room full of aunts and uncles, her agenda had been amended.

Aunt Joni had a game on the computer all ready to go for the little princess. It was called “Sharks in a Pond,” and everyone was drawn to the screen. Maddie fearlessly plunged into the game wondering how these salt water predators ended up in a pond in the first place. She worked the touch screen furiously trying to unlock the mysteries of the game.

After 15 or 20 minutes, Maddie became a bit overwhelmed by the all family and sharks in the room. She got more than a little cranky and decided to skip the opening ceremonies and go to bed. We all should have been so lucky!

Look Out Tennis World, Baby Embraces Björn

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Will riding the Björn make Maddie better at clay court tennis?

No, Maddie is not hanging out with former tennis great Bjorn Borg, but she has taken up riding in the Baby Björn with her PaPa. It’s understood that there’s probably little connection between using the Baby Björn and future tennis greatness – Or is there?

Maddie adopted this new baby device with some trepidation – but it didn’t take long for her to settle in and become a real Björn pro. This uncanny ability of hers to adapt and overcome is something that will serve her well whether she opts to follow the career path of Bjorn Borg or Jason Bourne.

She is proving to be one tough little cookie and is developing quite a sense of adventure. Couple that pioneer spirit with Maddie’s keen powers of observation and the sky is the limit.

The real question now becomes: How are Maddie’s parents going to survive the next 18 years with our little high-octane fire eater? She already possesses a highly developed sense of stubbornness and is exhibiting a fierce brand of determination. The shortcoming that goes hand in hand with these traits is her staggering lack of patience.

In the battle of nature versus nurture – it will be a Herculean task to try and teach this little one to take a breath and count to ten. At this point, it seems more likely that she will count to one and come out swinging.

Our only hope is that we can somehow lead by example and display a biblical-like patience to show her the way towards tolerance. Never an easy task for a pair of parents who share the “Type-A” personality gene.