Rough Day of Teething Leads to Shopping Therapy

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Does this hat come in suede?

Maddie was up at the crack of dawn to take care of her morning schedule that was packed with stair climbing exhibitions and multiple steps around the house. She was definitely very crusty and even her morning walk could not break her out of the funk.

Surely a little breakfast would help her turn the corner. Nope, not happening. Maddie was extra-crispy with two sides of attitude and had no interest in eating. We wondered if those baby molars were ready to make a push.

We got to lunch with the grandparents with the hope that Maddie could keep herself together during the meal. That apparently was wishful thinking. Maddie started crying as soon as we sat down and wasn’t interested in being comforted by either parent. This is also when we realized that Maddie’s back teeth were knocking at her gums.

The restaurant staff and patrons seemed quite relieved when we began packing up our gear to roll. Once we were in the car, it didn’t take Maddie long to pass out. Once she was asleep, it was time for a stealth mission to Target. The only problem was that Maddie was awake as soon as we pulled up.

We popped her in a cart and she was ready to roll. She had a great deal to say to her fellow shoppers, but at least the crying had stalled. We hit the baby wagon wheel snacks first and Maddie was happy to partake.

We made the rounds and somehow, some way – the baby was at peace. The shopping trip must have been just what the doctor ordered because Maddie spent the rest of the evening laughing and playing with her parents without a care in the world. We are delighted that this put Maddie in a great mood, we just have no idea why it worked.

Maddie Becomes the Finder of Lost Flapjacks

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Nothing left here but the crumbs my friend!

As my 8-month-old daughter Maddie continues to reject stage 3 baby food – her appetite for the real deal is quickly growing out of control.

This morning as the sun was coming up, we had cakes on the griddle – and business was a boomin! I kept setting up the mini-pancakes and Maddie kept knocking them down!

  • I’d pluck the fluffy disc off of the stove
  • Maddie’s mom would tear the cake in half
  • And Maddie would bring the magic

By magic I mean that my little girl seizes the tiny cake in her paw, crushes it into a ball and slams it into those gaping jaws. Holy cow lady, “Take Human Bites!”

Just to slow her down on the fun cakes, we tried to mix things up with some strawberries, but Maddie barely skipped a beat! She has a new favorite and wanted to make sure she got her fill.

What’s makes this pancake pandemonium even more remarkable is that this was just round one. Just a few hours later at brunch, Maddie put on second eating display more prolific than her morning performance.

We met our friends Michelle and Dan for a brunch to remember. Maddie quickly situated herself onto Michelle’s lap and then went right to work. She tore into a myriad of foods with an unbridled enthusiasm that must be seen to be believed.

The baby conquered the cantaloupe, beheaded the berries and even downed a decent sized portion of sweet potato fries. It was a true festival of the foods and Maddie was more than happy to take center stage. Even after the meal, Maddie made it a point to chew on Michelle’s necklace a little bit to make sure that no morsel was left behind.

Land Shark Launches Surprise Attack at Sidewalk Cafe

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Pug shows off fearsome land shark costume!

On paper, the plan was sound enough. Maddie had just been fed – What better time for us to make a play for our first public lunch with the baby?

Madeleine was a bit restless, but seemed to settle down once we placed her in the stroller. This is what is known as a “false positive.” With each block – the crankiness meter seemed fluctuate a bit. Cue “Riders on the Storm,” by the Doors.

As soon as we sat down at a little outdoor cafe – our little rocker began to sound off. It started off as a dull roar – but it quickly dawned on us that we needed an exit strategy. Cue “We Gotta Get Out of This Place,” by the Animals.

Gina was worried about disturbing the other guests – and pondered getting our meal to go. Ever the unrealistic optimist – I decided that we should take a shot and ride the lightning.

I got up, donned a pair of steel mesh gloves and said a little prayer before reaching into the shark’s cage. The creature snapped at me with maniacal strength – but I was ready for the attack. I snatched up my little land shark and headed down the sidewalk.

She thrashed furiously and moment-by-moment – I could feel my strength ebbing away. Just when all seemed lost, my little man-killer slipped into a light sleep. I crept back to the table to find our food had arrived. I rested my razor-toothed beauty on my lap, covered her with my napkin and dug into my plate.

The café glowed with love and harmony until our food was gone. Then I spied the menacing dorsal fin in my lap (keep it clean) and realized that the land shark was on the move!

We wrestled the shark back into her cage and ran home in a state of abject fear. Obviously, we have a long way to go.