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Baby Bite

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I wish they made these a little bigger...
I wish they made these a little bigger…

Peek-a-Boo Mealtime Taxing Baby’s Hair Style

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I have to work on my subtle expressions

As abrupt as Maddie’s movements are, it will be some time before a pair of scissors comes anywhere near that perfect little head of hers. So her varying lengths of hair are here to stay for a while.

This makes things really interesting especially during mealtime. When Maddie has had enough to eat now, she alerts us to this fact by rubbing her hands into her hair and hiding her eyes behind her hands.

Mealtime was already quite a messy business, but we are quickly reaching new heights. Watermelon and cantaloupe juice has become a staple deep into the roots of her scalp. Apple sauce and scrambled eggs are all too happy to take up residence and in Maddie’s hair. Add a little bit of 2% milk on top of those flowing locks and you have a party going on top of Maddie’s head.

Once this mixture is in place, those coated strands of hair stick out at multiple angles like a messy bale of hay. And until she actually gets her hair washed, this fashion-forward look is hers for the day.

This stuff is blending in nicely

The majority of the hair atrocities take place at night, but a couple of them have happened during lunch. There’s nothing like putting a cute little skirt on girl with a whacky head of hair like that. Maddie is just a few weeks from her first birthday, but she is already becoming quite a fashion trendsetter.

Maddie Shines at Impromptu Dinner

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I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!
What started as a quick jaunt into Jersey City became a night out on the town for the entire family. This was a big day for Maddie because she had already enjoyed a great unplanned lunch out with her mom and a few friends.
The whole family was basking in the perfect weather outside when we were suddenly overcome by the intoxicating smells drifting out of Marco & Pepe’s restaurant. Suddenly Maddie’s parents were plotting and conspiring on how we could eat dinner here and still get the baby fed and to bed on
After a quick discussion, we green-lighted dinner but had to score a bib for the baby first. We popped into a nearby drugstore and Maddie unexpectedly hit the panic button. Gina rolled Maddie outside and I ducked into a nearby Dunkin Donuts for a Priority One emergency bagel. I handed Maddie a piece and the crisis was averted – just in time for dinner!
Maddie feasted on a small basket of unsalted sweet potato fries while enjoying the music pulsing just a few blocks away from a local street festival. Maddie made a real meal out if going back and forth between the fries and generous portions of peasant bread.
When the main courses came, the baby even tackled her mom’s trout entrée with reckless abandon. With each bite, she took time to smile at and woo her fellow restaurant patrons along with our server.
The little charmer had her fellow customers literally eating out of her hand. Finally Maddie had her fill of food and attention and was ready to head home. A great time was had by all and Maddie indicated that she’s ready for round two tomorrow.

Breakfast Morphs into Undercover Body Art Project

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Breakfast has its ups and downs.

As I have stated in the past, Maddie is a spectacular eating machine. She has mastered a wide variety of foods across the eating spectrum. She tears into each bite with an unbridled exuberance that is difficult to properly describe. But there are days when her eating is just for show.

These are the dog days of eating when you don’t discover that the baby wasn’t actually eating until you lift her up. It turns out that our 40-minute eating session this morning was nothing but a mirage. Maddie the illusionist seemingly destroyed multiple chunks of banana, watermelon and bagels. I was sitting right there in front of her watching her place the chunks into her mouth and go to work.

I noticed a few pieces fall by the wayside down into the depths of her lap, but didn’t really give it a second thought. Sometimes there is a little collection of chewed food to pick through after Maddie has been sprung from her chair. I expected some cleanup after our meal today, but I was not prepared for the power and the glory of what Maddie had compiled today.

I removed the high chair table and stopped dead in my tracks. Maddie’s bare legs were camouflaged in this morning’s full array of breakfast. From the waste down, it appeared as if Maddie’s legs were made of fruit and bread. It was like a three layer baby bean dip with exotic watermelon pinks on top, creamy banana in the middle and a flaky crust of wet bagel dough as a base covering her skin.

The watermelon pieces were all chewed down to about the size of raisins and the bananas looked to be straight out of a blender. The bagel doe was not as refined as the rest of the dish, but it was still most impressive. What strikes me is that this was all somehow put together while I sat right in front her while her hands were placed on top of the table.

When I lifted Maddie out of the chair, even more ingredients began spilling out from hidden places all over the floor. It dawned on me that I never got to taste this baby dip, but the grades are in. Maddie scored high marks for execution and presentation and an “A+” for stealth and sneakiness.

Maddie Becomes the Finder of Lost Flapjacks

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Nothing left here but the crumbs my friend!

As my 8-month-old daughter Maddie continues to reject stage 3 baby food – her appetite for the real deal is quickly growing out of control.

This morning as the sun was coming up, we had cakes on the griddle – and business was a boomin! I kept setting up the mini-pancakes and Maddie kept knocking them down!

  • I’d pluck the fluffy disc off of the stove
  • Maddie’s mom would tear the cake in half
  • And Maddie would bring the magic

By magic I mean that my little girl seizes the tiny cake in her paw, crushes it into a ball and slams it into those gaping jaws. Holy cow lady, “Take Human Bites!”

Just to slow her down on the fun cakes, we tried to mix things up with some strawberries, but Maddie barely skipped a beat! She has a new favorite and wanted to make sure she got her fill.

What’s makes this pancake pandemonium even more remarkable is that this was just round one. Just a few hours later at brunch, Maddie put on second eating display more prolific than her morning performance.

We met our friends Michelle and Dan for a brunch to remember. Maddie quickly situated herself onto Michelle’s lap and then went right to work. She tore into a myriad of foods with an unbridled enthusiasm that must be seen to be believed.

The baby conquered the cantaloupe, beheaded the berries and even downed a decent sized portion of sweet potato fries. It was a true festival of the foods and Maddie was more than happy to take center stage. Even after the meal, Maddie made it a point to chew on Michelle’s necklace a little bit to make sure that no morsel was left behind.

Baby Showcases Eating Prowess at Sunday Brunch

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Keep setting them up, I'll keep knocking 'em down!

Maddie put on an eating display for the ages at brunch this afternoon. My little girl was definitely in her element because she had plenty of food options coupled with a large audience. Once we propped her up in the high chair she gave us that smile that said, “Let the games begin!”

Cantaloupe, asparagus and melon, oh my!

First we started Maddie off with the honey melon. She dug in those talons, jammed the fruit in her mouth and went to work. We always make sure the pieces are too big so she can’t choke. It’s a great spectator sport because whatever the food happens to be, she goes at it full force.

Despite her ferocious eating habits, people kept stopping by the table to greet Maddie and tell her how cute she was. Complete strangers would give her a big smile, make various forms of goo-goo eyes at her and engage her in some baby small talk. Let’s just say that Maddie ate up all the attention just like she was killing that melon.

A girl has to eat, am I right?

To keep the good times rolling, we had to keep a large supply of fruit close by. When it comes to Maddie, the food casualties mount up quickly. Some pieces are fumbled onto the table or floor while others are used as a tool to scrub nearby furniture. These tainted pieces are quickly removed and recycled before Maddie has the chance to really experience the wonderful world of foodborne illnesses.

After Maddie made her way through a small plate of melon, we switched to the cantaloupe. This orange mushy fruit was a big hit with our little girl. She used her gnashing gums and two bottom teeth to inflict as much damage as possible. After a few more pieces of fruit, Dad broke out his secret stash of asparagus sticks.

We broke one in half and of course Maddie tried to impale herself with it. But after a littler experimentation, she was tearing that thing up too. The visitors kept on coming and the baby wowed each and every one them. The only question left was what will Maddie do for an encore?

Baby Adopts Extreme Eating Challenge

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Let the games begin!

Now that she is 7-months-old, Maddie is completely revamping the way she eats solid food. As a matter of fact, solid food intake is becoming quite the extreme sport in our household along the lines of skydiving and repelling.

Our first extreme meal started during the late morning. It turns out that a little bit of cinnamon oats and apple can go a long way in the arena of face painting.

It’s funny how this activity starts off in such a civilized manner. I gently urge Maddie to “help me” with the spoon and she gently guides it right into her mouth. However, after about our fifth spoonful of “civility” things start to break down. The first sign is when the baby decides that the contents in her mouth need a closer inspection.

She reaches in and comes out with fingerfuls of the goop we worked so hard to get in there in the first place. She examines these contents with a laser-like focus, evaluating what went in and how it has changed in appearance.

After her curiosity is satisfied, she decides that the mess on her fingers should be liberally applied to her left ear. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!! And once the left ear amassed a generous portion of oats and apples all over it – she just had to keep going.

So after every few spoonfuls, she shared the rations with her hungry left ear. Not the right ear, which is far too civilized for such antics, just the left one. Needless to say, our cleanup took a bit longer than usual.

The nighttime meal of homemade sweet potato produced a whole new set of challenges in the form of FLYING FOOD! Who knew that sweet potato was so aerodynamically designed for flight?

When my wife came home this evening, she noticed that my eyebrows and eyelids were caked with a spackling of sweet potato. She must have thought that I was trying to keep up with Maddie. This is because the baby determined that not only can sweet potato fly, but it also works as some type of mudpack to be applied liberally around the mouth and eyes.

As you can see from the picture above, a good time was had by all and Maddie was taking no prisoners.