Pancake Pandemonium Delights Daughter and Mother Alike

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That's how we do pancakes!

We all have days or nights when we just aren’t feeling up to par. After keeping her Mom awake for most of the night – Maddie was still grappling with a restless spirit. She’s not hungry – so we are left to speculate as to what might be troubling our little minx. I’m winning the battle to keep her calm this morning, but hanging on by only the slimmest of margins.

In an effort to keep Mom’s sanity intact – I promise Gina a pancake breakfast while Maddie and I head off to prepare a meal that would make Paula Deen green with envy.

Mad Maddie is wound up tight, but not quite inconsolable. I strategically place her in the living room so I can eyeball her from the kitchen – She’s wide awake now – but focused on matters far beyond my scope of imagination.

Before pancake operations can really get going – Maddie is once again teetering on the brink. She’s snapping and snarling, but has yet to unleash the full range of her fury. I hatch a half-baked MacGyver-like plot to keep Maddie engaged while I can still cook breakfast.

I tie a four and a half foot long ribbon to Maddie’s rocker and loosely fit the other end to the oven handle (No, the oven is OFF) The purpose of the ribbon is to rock the rocker in the hallway while preparing breakfast.

Maddie seemed to think is a fine idea – she’s being rocked while watching the theater of the one-armed bandit toiling away in the kitchen. Soon the pancakes are flowing and baby is cooing. Gina joins us for the festivities as MacGyver has saved the day.

I was in the process of flipping Gina’s third pancake when something strange happened. The arc and trajectory were perfect as the cake began its descent – but like a second-basemen with brain freeze, I missed the tag. I watched hopelessly as cake raced passed the out-stretched pan.

Gina and the baby seemed perfectly delighted as the lightly browned disc landed with a splat on the floor. I stared uncomprehendingly at the splendid griddlecake perfectly placed in the middle of the kitchen floor as it waited patiently for a dollop of butter.

Did Maddie sense her Mother’s delight or father’s befuddlement? Suddenly – the baby was high spirits – Oh yeah, good times in the Adams household this morning!!

All it took was a Daddy mishap and all was right in her little world. Perhaps that quirky sense of humor of hers is advancing too quickly!

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