Great Infant Debater Sounds Off in Jersey City

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Plato in Athens - So much yet to learn

Just after being put in her swing yesterday, Madeleine decided to introduce us to her newly acquired and exciting range of verbal skills. As the swing made its arduous journey back and forth, Maddie decided that she was ready to open up and share some of her unique communication techniques.

It sounded like simple gurgling, clicking and grunting at first – but then we realized that through the strong influences of Plato, Aristotle and Cicero, Maddie was debating us on the merits of this swing and her placement onto this primitive device.

Perhaps she was not directly engaging us, but for more than 70 minutes, she seemed most intent on sharing some ancient cosmic message with anybody who was in earshot.

Whether it was simple gibberish, platitudes or a series of essays on the meaning of life – we were not sophisticated enough to decipher these messages. In this case, the message was not as important as was her method of delivery. Each sound that emanated from this little girl was punctuated with an intensity and focus that was not to be ignored.

This enigmatic little speech might have held the briefest of warnings for us, as to what we might expect as she gets a little bit older. When Maddie is awake, her level of concentration borders on the severe. She is acutely tuned in to her surroundings and is gathering and organizing input from the outside world at a dizzying pace.

When her eyes are open, she is hard at work, trying to dust off that infant haze and make sense of the environment around her. Stay Home PaPa has tried to tell her to take it easy.

Time and time again, I’ve told her, “Honey, if you want to reinvent Schrödinger’s Cat, let’s hold off until you are at least a month old.”

Yet she assures me that Erwin had it all wrong and has already developed her own principles of quantum theory – the question is now, will she share them?

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