Baby Calls for Magic Balancing Act

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Dance for me Monkey Boy!

After a rough day of unbridled fussiness – Maddie changed the rules yet again and began the morning looking for extra love and comfort. This was a very welcome change of pace for Stay Home PaPa. Maddie has a remarkable independent streak for an infant – but today it was all about the coddling and swaddling.

It started right out of the gate this morning when we were in dire need of an emergency bed stripping session. Maddie had already broken out some fascinating decorations for the sheets and I tried to rush them out to the washing machine without her. NO DICE – the little girl made it clear – you’re not going anywhere without me today! Whatever laundry was getting done – it would have to be executed with Maddie hanging from one arm. This balancing act became quite a source of amusement for my little angel.

We finally wrestled the wash into the machine and next came the newest event known as one-armed bottle heating. Yet again, I tried to quickly set Maddie down and heat up her bottle – but she was having none of it! She lashed out until I sauntered over and picked her up – and then my baby was all smiles. Maddie was also more than happy to lend some extra assistance during feeding time by time by kicking my free hand as I tried to place her milk in the bottle warmer. It didn’t take long to realize that I would spend the rest of my day fumbling around the house as a one-armed bandit.

Each and every job from there on out was to be completed with one arm tied behind Maddie’s back and under her strict supervision. However, as I went from task to task, I couldn’t help but notice that Maddie found all of my chores very relaxing and kept falling asleep. But each time I tried to put her down, she would snap awake in a very bad mood. Once I realized that she was glued to the arm –we had a terrific day together.

Having Maddie take part in each and every activity also made for a great day of bonding. Her smile and cooing all day long really made the one-armed activities very enjoyable. Once again, I’m completely exhausted, but I can’t wait to see what Maddie has on tap for me tomorrow.

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