Five-Week-Old Dominates Fantasy Football Draft

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Draft Day Dandy - Who wants some?

My baby girl is already kicking butt and taking names in the Fantasy Football arena. She set her All-Star draft order and according to the experts – the Marauding Madster is ready to create a little MAYHEM!

Even before the first snap of the 2011 NFL Season – Our 5-week-old graciously accepted her first award of the year according to the people at Yahoo and Toyota – She won the Best Draft for the 2011 season.

Madeleine says she made a conscious effort to go easy on the competition due to the fact that her real competitive genes won’t kick in until she is about 10-weeks-old. She is wishing the rest of her league the best of luck – and understands that there is still a long season ahead.

Although Maddie is not a big Phillip Rivers fan, she’s more than happy to have him on her roster. When asked about having Peyton Manning as a backup, she indicated that there are worse things in life than having access to a future Hall of Fame quarterback – even if he is a bit banged up.

Her strategy includes keeping a close eye on the waiver wire and trying to avoid the injury bug. Her short-term goals include moving out of the onesies and moving up to biscuits and gravy with daddy as soon as she can handle eating some real food.

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