MiMi Shocked to Ride the Brown Lightning

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MiMi gets caught in the baby blast!

MiMi came to the Garden State this weekend for some quality time with her granddaughter, the Marauding Madster. MiMi has been enjoying a sweet little visit with the baby, but Maddie really likes to keep things interesting. So this morning, when MiMi was changing the diaper – Maddie pulled a fast one.

The changing process was just about complete, the new diaper was already underneath the baby when MiMi tripped an IED. (Improvised Explosive Device) In the blink of an eye, MiMi was covered with shrapnel.

The force of the blast not only hit MiMi’s shirt, but some unmentionables actually soared past the changing table and onto her socks. It took a moment for MiMi to recover. She looked down at Maddie who was sporting a very smug look that seemed to say, “How ya like them apples? Anything else in your bag of tricks?”

With Maddie, it’s always about the sneak attack. The infant lies in wait, plotting, stalking and waiting for the right moment to strike. When she hits, it’s always a surgical strike executed with the ruthlessness of a toughened veteran of multiple campaigns.

Maddie acquires her target, calculates the range and it’s a bulls eye every time. We appreciate MiMi’s kind heart and good nature – It’s not always easy after you are forced to ride the brown lightning.

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