Baby Girl Teaches Ed Norton About the Real Fight Club

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Ed Norton says, "Never mess with Mad Maddie!"
Reach out and punch someone – That’s the newest strategy adopted by my little girl during this Labor Day weekend. The only problem with this new strategy is that she is spending most of this time punching herself in the head with blows that would make Tyler Durden flinch.
This is really tough on her dear old dad who feels like he’s watching an alternate reality version of the movie Fight Club. Maddie is like a miniature version of Ed Norton who delivers a massive beat down on himself in his boss’s office to score a quality severance package.
I wish I was imagining this, but her little paws are really making an impression on her helpless father. Here I am, holding my precious daughter in my hands when suddenly her little fist of fury flies up and whacks herself in the cabeza. I hear a little crack and can feel the impact, but she doesn’t seem to mind or notice at all.
I understand that Maddie is obviously tougher than I give her credit for.  If it doesn’t bother her, it probably shouldn’t bother me. But I’m sworn to protect her from all enemies foreign and domestic, so I’m left scratching my head – How do I protect my little Laila Ali from herself?
I find it infinitely more entertaining when little punchy reaches out and clocks me in the face instead – something that actually happens quite often. However, as indicated earlier, she spends more time speed-bagging herself than Klitschko spends in the gym.
Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate such a superior display of hand-eye coordination and firepower from a five-week-old, I just wish we could find a more constructive way to channel this energy. Maddie is about three weeks shy of the two-month mark, but maybe it’s time for us to bump up her tennis practice schedule!

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