Maddie Delights Holiday Weekend Shoppers

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Where'd she go?
At just a couple of days over five weeks old – Maddie latest growth spurt is taking its toll on her parents sleeping schedule. So this weekend, Stay Home PaPa packed up the baby for an early morning car ride and a shopping spree so her mom could grab a little quiet time.

My little girl and I rolled up to the Target entrance just a bit too early – as the store wasn’t open yet. However, there were about five other patrons waiting to get in and they could not get enough of the little sleeping diva. 
  • “Oh my gosh, so cute!”
  • “How old is that little angel?”
  • “God bless her.”
  • “She looks you Daddy!”
This went on for a good five minutes before the doors finally opened and I knew that Maddie secretly loved every last bit of this adulation!  We can already see how well she works the crowds. This is good practice for winning over her throngs of admirers during her some of her closer tennis matches.

One of the women at Target had a two-year-old son who kept running ever closer to Maddie who was strapped into her seat. Unbeknownst to him, every time he came close, Maddie cracked one eye open just to make sure he was keeping his proper distance.
Her level of alertness/awareness continues to wow and surprise us every day. After a grueling trek through the store – it was finally time for check out. Maddie silently studied every move the clerk made with a steely-eyed concentration, silently tabulating the order in her head.
The clerk was nothing short of delighted by the fact that the baby was watching her so carefully. “She’s so tiny, so focussed – God bless her!”
Her grandfather aka Jefe-Grande always insists that Maddie is quite advanced for her age. This was confirmed when I called out the final tally of $68.30 and Maddie nodded her head in agreement. I can’t wait until she’s ready to take a crack at the stock market!

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