Curious Case of Maddie’s Missing Shoes

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What did you forget NOW??

As many of you already know, Maddie has an interesting habit of kicking off her shoes at the worst possible time. Let’s face it, Maddie has developed potential shoe-loss into an art form.

This morning, Maddie and I were just leaving target when she simultaneously sent both shoes flying. I caught one in the air and had to dig the other one out of basket full of coffee at Starbucks.

No harm done, I stuck the shoes under the cart and headed outside to the car.

About 15 minutes later, we made it home. I grabbed a bag and was just about to take Maddie out of her seat when I noticed her bare feet. As the Madster likes to say, “UH-OH!”

I realized that I had never retrieved the shoes from underneath the shopping buggy. Within 30 seconds, we were making our return trip to Target. I pulled up to the shopping cart area, but our cart was gone – Game on!!

I encountered an exceptionally rude woman at the customer service counter (Big Shocker) and asked her if any baby shoes had been turned in. She apparently had forgotten that I was a customer when she replied – “Nahhhh.”

I took this to mean “No” and decided to track down the shopping cart guy.

He was much friendlier than his co-worker, but wasn’t quite with the program.

I started to ask him about Maddie’s shoes, when he blurted out – “Shoes, right??” This was going to be easier than I thought – But it’s never easy in Jersey City.

He absolutely remembered the shoes, but had no idea what he had done with them. He took me back to Ms. Congeniality at the customer service desk and told her that he had turned to the shoes into her. She practically yelled at him, “Naa-Ahh, no you didinttt!!

I looked at the Shopping Cart Jedi and asked, “Think, where did you first find the shoes?”

We combed the store, he went through trashcans, looked at shelves and kept giggling to himself. Finally, I asked him if he had a little “store-item” drawer where he put random store items.

“Ohhh yea,” he exclaimed – He led us to an empty register where there was a shopping cart filled with a smattering of random items – and SUCCESS!!

Shoes On! Better luck next time Maddie!

Rough Day of Teething Leads to Shopping Therapy

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Does this hat come in suede?

Maddie was up at the crack of dawn to take care of her morning schedule that was packed with stair climbing exhibitions and multiple steps around the house. She was definitely very crusty and even her morning walk could not break her out of the funk.

Surely a little breakfast would help her turn the corner. Nope, not happening. Maddie was extra-crispy with two sides of attitude and had no interest in eating. We wondered if those baby molars were ready to make a push.

We got to lunch with the grandparents with the hope that Maddie could keep herself together during the meal. That apparently was wishful thinking. Maddie started crying as soon as we sat down and wasn’t interested in being comforted by either parent. This is also when we realized that Maddie’s back teeth were knocking at her gums.

The restaurant staff and patrons seemed quite relieved when we began packing up our gear to roll. Once we were in the car, it didn’t take Maddie long to pass out. Once she was asleep, it was time for a stealth mission to Target. The only problem was that Maddie was awake as soon as we pulled up.

We popped her in a cart and she was ready to roll. She had a great deal to say to her fellow shoppers, but at least the crying had stalled. We hit the baby wagon wheel snacks first and Maddie was happy to partake.

We made the rounds and somehow, some way – the baby was at peace. The shopping trip must have been just what the doctor ordered because Maddie spent the rest of the evening laughing and playing with her parents without a care in the world. We are delighted that this put Maddie in a great mood, we just have no idea why it worked.

Let’s Pick Up the Pace Pal

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This shopping trip is a real pulse pounder!

For several months now, Maddie has been what you might call a shopping enthusiast. Each trip to the store is an adventure with plenty of people to stare at and various loose items to yank off of the shelves. So normally when we pop into a store together, it’s high times for the Madster.

Now this isn’t to say that I ever walk into a store empty-handed. I always make sure that I am armed with a formidable array of snacks and goodies in case the baby stumbles upon a rough patch. So we arrived at the store without fanfare and made our way to the baby section.

As I always do, I consulted Maddie from aisle to aisle making sure to keep her in the loop and help me with our purchasing process. However, after just a few minutes, it became apparent that my associate was quickly losing interest in our little shopping expedition.

I tried to keep her engaged, but it was a losing battle. As we turned the next aisle, Maddie started emitting a series of exaggerated sighs. As often happens, I was unable to contain my growing amusement with the baby’s antics. She quickly recognized this and decided that it was time for a standoff. Maddie interlaced her fingers behind her head and leaned back to share her state of overwhelming boredom with me.

I realized this was my cue to pick up the pace and get us checked out. Maddie resumed her theatrics and I made sure she didn’t have to wait too long before we were on our way. But there is no denying that this girl is a true entertainer.

Undercover Baby Baffles Target Employees

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Have you noticed any undercover babies?

It’s always very entertaining to be out in public with Maddie. Regardless of where we go, my little girl draws the oohs and ahs of those around her.

This morning was no different as Maddie and I enjoyed breakfast at a local diner. People at other tables commented on how cute she was and how much they loved those big eyes.


However, my little Diva flew almost completely under the radar at our next stop. We pulled up into the Target parking lot and I inadvertently chose a deep shopping cart that nearly swallowed up the baby and her car seat.


As we cruised the aisles, it took me a few minutes to realize that Maddie was going completely unnoticed. Normally she plays the role of show stopper at Target – but not this morning. That’s because she somehow blending in with the items around her seat.


As I peered deep into the cart, I could tell that the little girl was struggling to get to sleep. For some reason, the usual soothing motion of the cart wasn’t doing its job. This was my cue to briefly lounge in the sitting area with a nice cup of Starbucks and give Maddie a chance to get settled.


Once she was sleeping again – we resumed our shopping expedition. As I was filling the cart up- it dawned on me that Maddie had achieved full undercover daughter status. Between her car seat and the grocery items – the baby fully camouflaged.


The clerk confirmed this at checkout when I began unloading the cart. I placed a pack of light bulbs onto the counter – and her eyes went wide when she suddenly noticed the baby. She gasped, “Is that your baby?”


“Ummm no, found her in the dairy section, can I keep her?”

“Are you serious, nooo, I can tell she knows you.”

“Guilty as charged ma’am – she belongs to me.”

Maddie rolled her eyes at the clerk as if she couldn’t believe the ridiculousness of the entire exchange. However, I don’t think the clerk picked up on Maddie’s sarcasm because she completed the check out without incident and even allowed me to take the baby home with me.

Maddie Delights Holiday Weekend Shoppers

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Where'd she go?
At just a couple of days over five weeks old – Maddie latest growth spurt is taking its toll on her parents sleeping schedule. So this weekend, Stay Home PaPa packed up the baby for an early morning car ride and a shopping spree so her mom could grab a little quiet time.

My little girl and I rolled up to the Target entrance just a bit too early – as the store wasn’t open yet. However, there were about five other patrons waiting to get in and they could not get enough of the little sleeping diva. 
  • “Oh my gosh, so cute!”
  • “How old is that little angel?”
  • “God bless her.”
  • “She looks you Daddy!”
This went on for a good five minutes before the doors finally opened and I knew that Maddie secretly loved every last bit of this adulation!  We can already see how well she works the crowds. This is good practice for winning over her throngs of admirers during her some of her closer tennis matches.

One of the women at Target had a two-year-old son who kept running ever closer to Maddie who was strapped into her seat. Unbeknownst to him, every time he came close, Maddie cracked one eye open just to make sure he was keeping his proper distance.
Her level of alertness/awareness continues to wow and surprise us every day. After a grueling trek through the store – it was finally time for check out. Maddie silently studied every move the clerk made with a steely-eyed concentration, silently tabulating the order in her head.
The clerk was nothing short of delighted by the fact that the baby was watching her so carefully. “She’s so tiny, so focussed – God bless her!”
Her grandfather aka Jefe-Grande always insists that Maddie is quite advanced for her age. This was confirmed when I called out the final tally of $68.30 and Maddie nodded her head in agreement. I can’t wait until she’s ready to take a crack at the stock market!