NFL Week 5 – I’m Ready

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Time for KICKOFF!!
Time for KICKOFF!!

Maddie Ready for the Big Game

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What's a Beyonce?
What’s a Beyonce?
Personally, I cheer for the Steelers!
Personally, I cheer for the Steelers!
What time for the Penguins play?
Did the Penguins play yet?

Baby Triggers Shift in Sports Viewing Habits

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That was a terrible call, what did you think Maddie?

I have always been that jerky guy who keeps a running commentary going with the television while watching televised sports. I have long been guilty of praising, criticizing or hurling invectives at various athletes, teams, games officials and even commentators.

However, this little habit of mine has been undergoing a dramatic transformation thanks to Maddie, my stunning 6-month-old daughter. More and more, instead of taking the deafening verbal route, I’m keeping my comments to myself or making quick little noises to telepathically communicate with all of those blind sports officials and inept commentators.

There is a funny television commercial (link at the bottom) where a guy is watching a football game on his phone while having a romantic dinner with his significant other. When she accuses him of watching the game, he asks her, “What am I, some kind of summoner, who can just summon footage to his phone when he wants?”

As the commercial continues, the gentleman keeps a perfectly straight face but keeps reacting to the game with an oooh and a yesss!

This is very much the way Maddie’s father watches sports with her in the room now. When I make any noise, she snaps her attention over to me to see what I’m up to. Just like the guy in the commercial, I focus on Maddie so there is no evidence of any real emotion towards the television.

And when Maddie is sleeping on her Dad, sports must be watched with a Zen like serenity. No matter what malfeasance befalls my team or athlete, it is not worth waking up the baby. This reorganization of thought and actions is very foreign to me, but it is also strangely calming. Sporting events are actually much more enjoyable when you can put them into the proper perspective. This is yet another item on a long list of things I have to thank Maddie for.            

(- Click here to see the Summoner commercial -)

Five-Week-Old Dominates Fantasy Football Draft

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Draft Day Dandy - Who wants some?

My baby girl is already kicking butt and taking names in the Fantasy Football arena. She set her All-Star draft order and according to the experts – the Marauding Madster is ready to create a little MAYHEM!

Even before the first snap of the 2011 NFL Season – Our 5-week-old graciously accepted her first award of the year according to the people at Yahoo and Toyota – She won the Best Draft for the 2011 season.

Madeleine says she made a conscious effort to go easy on the competition due to the fact that her real competitive genes won’t kick in until she is about 10-weeks-old. She is wishing the rest of her league the best of luck – and understands that there is still a long season ahead.

Although Maddie is not a big Phillip Rivers fan, she’s more than happy to have him on her roster. When asked about having Peyton Manning as a backup, she indicated that there are worse things in life than having access to a future Hall of Fame quarterback – even if he is a bit banged up.

Her strategy includes keeping a close eye on the waiver wire and trying to avoid the injury bug. Her short-term goals include moving out of the onesies and moving up to biscuits and gravy with daddy as soon as she can handle eating some real food.