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Baby Stars at Holiday Family Supper

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I make these stars look good!

Now that Maddie is tearing up the solid food, the dynamics of eating around her have changed completely.

The baby perks up anytime someone nearby puts something into his or her mouth, especially when it’s her mom or dad. Even when you take a drink, Maddie has no problem when it comes to reaching out for a little taste.

Today was no exception when we visited my Aunt in Central Virginia. Maddie was in remarkably good spirits after taking another road trip. We got Maddie into the house and placed her onto a blanket on the floor. My Aunt’s tiny Yorkie named Bonnie Blue couldn’t wait to come out and meet the baby.

The little pooch kept circling Maddie and trying to approach her to spread a little bit of love. The baby wasn’t sure what was going on, but the pup was dying to play with her. No physical interaction actually took place, but it was beyond cute to watch them size each other up.

With all of the relatives in the house, there was no way Maddie was going take a nap and miss out on any of the action. She put on a halftime jumping display that would have shamed Madonna at this year’s Super Bowl.

Once it was time for supper, Maddie was chomping at the bit to get in on the action. My aunt broke out an amazing array of turkey, ham, potatoes with all the works and Maddie was going wild.

I prepared an enormous plate for myself and started breaking off pieces from a roll for the Madster. She was gumming them up and setting them down while we everyone was eating around her. The baby was in all her glory because she was eating with the group, just like the big girl she is.

Each time she got the bread nice and soggy, we would replace it with a new piece to keep her interested without fear of any choking. This went on for a while until we decided to switch gears and actually let her try some turkey. Even when we finished up, the baby wanted to keep the party going.

Maddie communicated to us that is was rude to eat and run, but we had to get her back home for some quality naptime. As always, she was a perfect lady and left everyone with a smile on their face.

Baby Takes a Pass on Putrid Peas

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These peas shall not pass!

My name is Maddie and I have been pretty accommodating thus far. At 6-months old, I’m not terribly hard to get along with. Sure, I fire up a little temper tantrum now and again. Sometimes I even wake my parents up two, maybe three times a night. But trust me when I tell you that it is for their own good.

In all modesty, I’m not too hard on the eyes either, at least that’s what I tend to overhear. So with all these things going for me, why are my strange little parents trying to feed me peas?

Have you ever seen this mess? It’s some kind of funky fluorescent green concoction that smells like death and tastes even worse. What do I look like, some kind of mini-vegetable landfill?

I’m a good kid and for my age, I exhibit a surprising amount of patience. I let them feed me a wide range whacky combos including bananas and brown rice and even carrots apples and parsnips. So it’s not like I’m picky or anything, but I draw the line at peas.

“C’mon Maddie,” they tell me, “It’s got pears to blunt the nasty taste!”

HAAAAA – Then dig in yourself Stay Home PaPa!!

The audacity of these silly parents is mind-boggling. Hey Maddie, found an old diaper for you to chew on, but I spiced it up with some lemon meringue pie filling. Sure that sounds great guys, I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night!

So here I sit in my little bumbo chair as these brain surgeons try to poison me with this toxic green sludge. At one point, I had to launch a strategic sneeze which spackled my Dad with the few peas that actually made into my mouth. Ask my dad how those peas tasted.

Anyway, if you know either one of them, please hit them with a call or a text and tell them that Maddie will NOT succumb to this foul stew. Not today and not ever – PEACE not peas!

Sweet Potato – Food or Fashion Statement?

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Wear it like you ate it!

Tonight it was out with the bananas and in with the sweet potato and there was no way to know how the honey badger might react. I popped Maddie into her Bumbo chair, nuked the prebaked potato and presented my offering to the princess.

Having been fed for several nights now, Maddie was going crazy with impatience waiting for her first spoonful. However, unlike the banana that sometimes elicits a funny face from the baby, this sweet potato must have been a dream come true.

She couldn’t get enough of that orange mush, and whatever didn’t get eaten got treated like face paint. It was a grand old time with fifty percent going in Maddie’s mouth and the other half going into her hands and then onto her face.

I was trying to pace the baby, but she was absolutely ravenous for this newly discovered vegetable. I had a small stack of paper towel halves, but it was hard to keep with my little artist as her bib and the kitchen counter became her canvas. She was only painting with one color, but that didn’t stop Maddie from creating her first masterpiece.

What I hadn’t thought through was how much I should actually let my little Rembrandt consume. With every mouthful, she looked at me expectantly waiting for me to repeat the process. I finally realized that the only way to suspend tonight’s feeding was to hide the evidence. So I pulled a little razzle dazzle on the baby. I scooped out a new spoonful and chucked the cup into the sink hoping for an out of sight, out of mind scenario.

It worked this time, but as quickly as Maddie is picking up on things, a more sophisticated strategy is definitely going to be needed to slow down this freight train.

Solid Food Train Grinds to a Halt

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Go with the flow people!

The baby has been a real trooper with all the new food we have sent her way this week. There are certainly some drawbacks to introducing the baby to the world of solid food. I will spare everyone the gory details, but solid food has definitely impacted the world of diaper changing. My wife has yet to encounter the power and the glory of the solid food diaper, but I feel confident that her time will come sooner than later.

After a few banner days with bananas, we decided to move on to the whacky world of vegetables. Maddie was not afraid to decorate the kitchen with banana last night, so today we decided to let her spruce up the cooking area with some mashed avocado.

We followed the same solid food procedure that we used with the banana, we gave Maddie a little piece of avocado to sample while we smashed up the rest. There’s just one problem, this sandy exotic vegetable doesn’t mash up quite as well as the bananas.

Maddie seemed ok with the taste, but was definitely having some swallowing issues and was getting frustrated. At this point, it was impossible to tell if Maddie was running out of patience or if the process a swallowing something with a little more substance was not appealing to her. Either way, this feeding event was not going as well as the bananas did.

Since we are in no great hurry to get the baby immersed into the world of solid food – we decided that for now, we will be sticking to foods that are easier to liquefy. As we get further into the world of feeding the baby solid food, we are realizing that the entire process is as much of a learning process for us, as it is for Maddie.

Baby Detonates Explosive Banana

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EBD - Explosive Banana Device

My wife and I had a pretty good idea that things would start to change once the baby began eating solid foods – but before tonight we never knew about the power of the banana blast. Within five minutes of our solid food efforts, we had to call in a crime scene technician to conduct a banana spatter analysis of the entire kitchen.

We’ve been eating as a family for the past couple days, enjoying our dinner while feeding Maddie at the same time. Until tonight, this was proving to be a sound strategy – but little did we know that Maddie had added a little bit of banana terrorism to the menu.

The feeding began the same way each night; we gave Maddie a chunk of banana to sample before spoon-feeding her the leftover puréed fruit. Maddie was actually quite hungry for the treat tonight and that would prove to be our undoing.

Maddie was eagerly alternating between her chunks and spoonfuls and everything was seemingly under control. Suddenly the baby latched onto the spoon, gave a little diversionary sneeze and detonated another banana she must have had hidden under her bib.

The immediate blast radius was speckled with puréed banana – it was all over the counter and even her bumbo chair. Maddie’s face was littered with banana goop, as were her hands, neck and even her feet. This could only mean one thing – time for a bath.

I scooped up my little banana split and made our way to the bathroom. We plucked off her banana-laden clothing, along with her socks and leggings and got her into the tub. It was only when I was drying her that I noticed that my clothing was also pockmarked in several places with her eloquent banana splatter.

I’m sure this is only the first of many incidents, my only true regret is that we did not catch a picture of this attack so we could forward it to the proper authorities.

Maddie Impresses Parents by Going Bananas in 2012

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Now we're cooking!

What better time for Maddie to take her first bite of real food than on her very first New Year’s Day? For a couple weeks now, Maddie has been keeping extremely close tabs on anybody who has been eating around her. She is a very inquisitive and observant 5-month-old girl and we had the feeling that she was ready to give this eating thing a try.

I was working on dinner this evening when Maddie’s mom walked into the kitchen and suggested that now was the time! Earlier in the week, we agreed to begin the baby’s solid food career with the one fruit that we always keep in the house – bananas!

We set Maddie up in her chair, snapped on a bumbo tray and broke off a small wedge of banana for her to sample. Now we don’t want anyone to panic, we’re not trying to choke the baby, I held onto the banana chunk while Maddie tested it out for to see if passed her street creds standard. The idea was to try and get the baby interested in the taste, before actually seeing if she wanted to try and eat some.

Maddie likes to taste her toys, so it stood to reason that she would be willing the sample the banana wedge. After a few licks and a surprising smile, could New Year’s Day be the big breakthrough for Maddie?

I dipped the spoon into the crushed banana and gently placed it into Maddie’s mouth. She pushed it around a little bit with her tongue and then shocked both parents when she closed her mouth and swallowed it!

Even when she eats, Maddie is far too cute for her own good.

Thinking it might be a fluke, I tried another spoonful and after some deliberation, she swallowed another portion. We finally suspended feeding after about four spoonfuls. Aside from a few wrestling matches over the spoon, Maddie’s first eating endeavor was a real success. I just want to be careful not to rush things, her infancy seems to flashing before my eyes.