Sweet Potato – Food or Fashion Statement?

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Wear it like you ate it!

Tonight it was out with the bananas and in with the sweet potato and there was no way to know how the honey badger might react. I popped Maddie into her Bumbo chair, nuked the prebaked potato and presented my offering to the princess.

Having been fed for several nights now, Maddie was going crazy with impatience waiting for her first spoonful. However, unlike the banana that sometimes elicits a funny face from the baby, this sweet potato must have been a dream come true.

She couldn’t get enough of that orange mush, and whatever didn’t get eaten got treated like face paint. It was a grand old time with fifty percent going in Maddie’s mouth and the other half going into her hands and then onto her face.

I was trying to pace the baby, but she was absolutely ravenous for this newly discovered vegetable. I had a small stack of paper towel halves, but it was hard to keep with my little artist as her bib and the kitchen counter became her canvas. She was only painting with one color, but that didn’t stop Maddie from creating her first masterpiece.

What I hadn’t thought through was how much I should actually let my little Rembrandt consume. With every mouthful, she looked at me expectantly waiting for me to repeat the process. I finally realized that the only way to suspend tonight’s feeding was to hide the evidence. So I pulled a little razzle dazzle on the baby. I scooped out a new spoonful and chucked the cup into the sink hoping for an out of sight, out of mind scenario.

It worked this time, but as quickly as Maddie is picking up on things, a more sophisticated strategy is definitely going to be needed to slow down this freight train.

One thought on “Sweet Potato – Food or Fashion Statement?

    Monica Ryman said:
    January 16, 2012 at 2:09 am

    Let the fun begin! We are just starting solids with our 6 month old. Gotta love that food splattered baby face. 😀

    I love your writing by the way!

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