Solid Food Train Grinds to a Halt

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Go with the flow people!

The baby has been a real trooper with all the new food we have sent her way this week. There are certainly some drawbacks to introducing the baby to the world of solid food. I will spare everyone the gory details, but solid food has definitely impacted the world of diaper changing. My wife has yet to encounter the power and the glory of the solid food diaper, but I feel confident that her time will come sooner than later.

After a few banner days with bananas, we decided to move on to the whacky world of vegetables. Maddie was not afraid to decorate the kitchen with banana last night, so today we decided to let her spruce up the cooking area with some mashed avocado.

We followed the same solid food procedure that we used with the banana, we gave Maddie a little piece of avocado to sample while we smashed up the rest. There’s just one problem, this sandy exotic vegetable doesn’t mash up quite as well as the bananas.

Maddie seemed ok with the taste, but was definitely having some swallowing issues and was getting frustrated. At this point, it was impossible to tell if Maddie was running out of patience or if the process a swallowing something with a little more substance was not appealing to her. Either way, this feeding event was not going as well as the bananas did.

Since we are in no great hurry to get the baby immersed into the world of solid food – we decided that for now, we will be sticking to foods that are easier to liquefy. As we get further into the world of feeding the baby solid food, we are realizing that the entire process is as much of a learning process for us, as it is for Maddie.

One thought on “Solid Food Train Grinds to a Halt

    Tobey said:
    January 8, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    Love the picture of Maddie with all the colorful animals. Looks like she has a mind of her own and will eat solid food when she feels so inclined!

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