Maddie Handles Pool with Great Aplomb

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Was this trip really necessary?

For an 8-month-old, Maddie continues to prove that you can’t keep a good baby down. If a couple hours on a plane didn’t bother Maddie, why would her first venture into the swimming pool be a big deal?

Fingers were crossed and blessings were said as we eased the baby into the pool. Maddie loves taking a bath, but this was a wide open pool with strange sounds and people everywhere.

As the water came up around her, Maddie looked completely undisturbed by the entire process. We got her in and she looked at us with those, “What am I supposed to do now?” stares. The baby was like, “Oh nice, that wet stuff – Is there a catch?” Heck, when it’s bath time, you can’t get Maddie to stop splashing for 2 minutes. The pool just wasn’t that exciting for her.

Maddie’s parents were just the opposite. We were scurrying around, taking pictures and setting the baby adrift in her new floaty toy. Other kids got in the water to check out Maddie, but again – Not Impressed! We finally had to give her some toys in the water just to avoid her demanding an immediate extraction.

Get me a double shot formula no foam

So Maddie kicked around in her little pink French foreign legion hat and we kept splashing on the sunscreen to make sure those pink little cheeks didn’t turn red.

Before too long, the baby was ready to move on to bigger and more interesting pursuits than splashing around in a giant stinky tub. We hustled her back to the house for a well-deserved nap and she went down with minimal protests.

So now we have to wonder – what does it take to really impress this little thrill-seeker? I guess skydiving is next on the list, but that will have to wait until she’s at least 10-months-old. It seems that for now, the streets of Jersey City still provide more excitement than any other single activity we can get the baby involved in.

Hopefully we aren’t filled with a false sense of confidence. We still have gauge Maddie’s reaction to her return plane ride that is now just a few days off.

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