Maddie Uses Thanksgiving Tricks to Escape Sleep

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Why don't you go to sleep?

Maddie celebrated her first Thanksgiving holiday in style surrounded by loving relatives in Northern Virginia. A good time was had by all, but with so many activities underway across the house, Maddie repeatedly refused to participate in the napping process.

The baby rolled out this afternoon showing off the latest in turkey-wear including her gobble-gobble shirt with a little turkey on her butt. Maddie spent special one-on-one time not only with her grandparents, but her aunts and uncles as well.

The girl just loves a party and is always terribly nervous that she might be left out of the festivities. So she waged a single-handed war against every attempt to put her down for a little shuteye.

Some naps lasted 15 whole minutes, but most never made it past ten. Even after the sun went down, Maddie was still too hot to trot. During a 9pm diaper change, the baby was flailing on the table like it was 6am – wide eyed, wide awake and chattering away like a wild little monkey.

So PaPa had the unenviable task of trying to put the wild banana to sleep. However, after 30 minutes of wild howling – it was time to call in Grandma. Grandma did just fine until she tried to put Maddie down and that’s when it hit us – Anybody trying to put the baby down is enemy!  

These trials continued for some time proving once again that when you break the baby’s normal routine – you MUST pay the piper!

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