Anyone for Turkeys?

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Why are we making these faces?
Why are we making these faces?
One must never forget to sample
It takes a steady hand

A Day to Give Thanks

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I can’t wait to eat this guy


Omaha! Omaha! HUT, HUT
Omaha! Omaha! HUT, HUT

A little Thanksgiving prep goes a long way
A little Thanksgiving prep goes a long way

Maddie Turns the Corner on Her Thanksgiving Sickness

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“I feel as pert as a rutting buck”

The Mad Madster finally came out swinging this morning after battling back from a skin infection and projectile vomiting. Trips were cancelled and plans were altered as Maddie pretty much slept through the Thanksgiving holiday so she could right the ship.

It was tough seeing the “Little Bean” so far off of her game, but she’s feeling more like her old self this morning.

We suspect that waiting in the pediatrician’s office for two hours on Wednesday afternoon might be where Maddie caught this nasty 24-hour bug. We had been home for about two hours and Maddie wasn’t interested in any dinner.

When we finally gave up and tried to put Maddie to bed, the sickness beating up her little body let loose. She threw up down the hall, took a few steps and then covered her mom with the holiday brew of sickness.

The next morning Maddie slept deep into the morning before we finally went in and woke her up around 9am. Maddie was wiped out and we decided that we couldn’t make the trip to her grandparent’s home.

Maddie was already back in bed by 11 while her dad went out to gather up some food for an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner. Maddie slept hard and slept often through out the day and we were happy to see that she was on the mend this morning.

Maddie Uses Thanksgiving Tricks to Escape Sleep

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Why don't you go to sleep?

Maddie celebrated her first Thanksgiving holiday in style surrounded by loving relatives in Northern Virginia. A good time was had by all, but with so many activities underway across the house, Maddie repeatedly refused to participate in the napping process.

The baby rolled out this afternoon showing off the latest in turkey-wear including her gobble-gobble shirt with a little turkey on her butt. Maddie spent special one-on-one time not only with her grandparents, but her aunts and uncles as well.

The girl just loves a party and is always terribly nervous that she might be left out of the festivities. So she waged a single-handed war against every attempt to put her down for a little shuteye.

Some naps lasted 15 whole minutes, but most never made it past ten. Even after the sun went down, Maddie was still too hot to trot. During a 9pm diaper change, the baby was flailing on the table like it was 6am – wide eyed, wide awake and chattering away like a wild little monkey.

So PaPa had the unenviable task of trying to put the wild banana to sleep. However, after 30 minutes of wild howling – it was time to call in Grandma. Grandma did just fine until she tried to put Maddie down and that’s when it hit us – Anybody trying to put the baby down is enemy!  

These trials continued for some time proving once again that when you break the baby’s normal routine – you MUST pay the piper!

Maddie Unleashes the Perfect Storm

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This one might leave a mark.

We put Maddie to bed three times last night and three times she came up swinging. After yesterday’s travel tribulations, we had to expect some level of payback and to quote Brad Pitt from the movie, Inglorious Basterds, “Cousin, business is a’booming.”

Maddie woke up with a big smile on her face early this morning and showered her grandparents with all the charm a four-month-old could ever hope to exude. But around 6pm, things seemed to drift a little bit off course – could the gales of November come stealing?

The clouds around Maddie seemed to darken, but she was fighting the good fight and with a little snack before bedtime, it might all end well. We laid Maddie down and it looked like lights out, but looks can be very deceiving.

Ten minutes later the wind in the wires made a tattle tale sound and the exhausted baby vowed to not go down without a fight. She came up swinging like the young Mike Tyson, going for the 90-second knock out.

She bucked and screamed, but it all ended as quickly as it began – peace was restored and Maddie was back into the land of dreams in a matter of minutes.

But don’t pop the champagne just yet – 15 minutes later, waves crashed over the railing and the gales of November came slashing! Maddie lost all semblance of control this time and it was off to the races.

Crying, hyperventilating and a hurricane force cry that threatened the safety of the entire crew. The tears rained down and the inconsolable sobs echoed across the void. Maddie was readying for a temper tantrum that she hoped would echo through eternity.

Gina was shaken by the ordeal, but for once, the baby had more bark than bite. Although her breakdown was impressive, it didn’t have the usual staying power that Maddie has become famous for. Hopefully the baby will get some good sleep tonight, because tomorrow she will have a plethora of aunts, uncles and turkeys to contend with.