Maddie Ready to Storm Top Chef 

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Get those knives packed up!

“Padma, please pack your knives and go!” Maddie is ready to assume the role as the newest judge on Top Chef. After watching her father in the kitchen for nearly a week, Maddie feels she has gathered the necessary skills to take the Bravo Network by storm.

For some reason, the kitchen is the one room in the house that actually holds Maddie’s attention for large and much needed periods of time. As long as there is activity underway – Maddie finds herself completely engaged.

At the tender age of 15 weeks old, Maddie thinks she might be ready for next year’s season’s Top Chef Season premier. She also plans to be the first person in Top Chef history to be both a winning contestant and a permanent judge on the show.

A flexible little bouncy chair and the kitchen counter is exactly what the baby needed to get involved in our kitchen activities. She watches the prep, cooking, clean up and even enjoys watching people eat!

The real advantage is that Maddie’s interest in the kitchen has provided some much-needed relief from what has been a very serious bout of unbridled fussiness. Maddie has been very cranky all week and the kitchen is providing her parents with at least one safe haven in the house.

Now the question is, once Maddie goes back to being her happy-go-lucky self, will she still be ready for Top Chef or is her kitchen interest really just a Quickfire Challenge? Only time will tell.


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