Maddie Enjoys Amazing Family Weekend

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Festive weekend for the little girls

Being the star of the show for an entire weekend is a tall order to fill for 10-week-old little girl, but Maddie made it through with flying colors. With a slew of aunts, uncles and grandparents vying for young Maddie’s attention, she did her best to spend a little bit of time with everybody.

It all started with Maddie’s baptism and reception on Saturday morning. We drove into freak-show central (New York City) and dressed Maddie in a stunning little baptism gown that she borrowed from her close friend Lilly. Lilly wore her’s just a couple of months ago and decided to let Maddie borrow it for special day. Maddie’s friend was a hit at the baptism as she made several very cute baby noises to cheer on the show.

We were very lucky to get Maddie baptized by Father Anthony, the same priest who baptized Stay Home PaPa and also presided over the marriage of Maddie’s parents. It was very a warm and personalized service and Maddie cracked a huge smile as soon as the Father Tony touched her forehead with the oil.

After the service, we made our way to a reception on the banks of the Hudson River with a spectacular view of Manhattan. Maddie took her time charming each and every guest at the table and the lunch was big hit.

When all was said and done, Maddie enjoyed an amazing weekend with all of her aunts and uncles, but now it’s time for some serious R&R. Maddie needs some quiet time to recharge her batteries and get herself back to a nice normal schedule. As for her parents, there are not enough hours during the night to ever catch up, but we are enjoying every minute of it!

One thought on “Maddie Enjoys Amazing Family Weekend

    Auntie Jojo said:
    October 11, 2011 at 12:06 am

    aw! I miss her already

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