Maddie Gearing Up for a Cold Winter

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The ears obviously provide added warmth!

Even without the ear accessories, it’s becoming more and more obvious that Maddie is part polar bear. Just like last year, the cold weather has come rolling in and Maddie still hasn’t noticed.

This is a girl that doesn’t like the warm temps at all – but once it creeps under fifty degrees, she is in her element. Today we were outside and the wind chill had to be in the mid-thirties. I kept wrapping Maddie up in her warm blanket and she kept snatching it off and waving it over her head.

Despite Maddie’s cold weather antics, we have made progress in one critical area. Maddie now realizes that if she wants to go outside, shoes have become a non-negotiable part of her life.

Now that it’s chilly, Maddie signals that she is ready to go outside by hand-delivering her bear jacket and then bringing out a pair of shoes. This is one of the most dramatic turnarounds in the history of clothing. We really believed that Maddie would be refusing to wear her shoes well into her teens.

But this is no time to celebrate – The next Herculean task on our agenda is to get Maddie into gloves or mittens before the temps dip into the twenties.

Baby’s Impromptu Pole Dance at the Drycleaners

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Stop staring at my ladybugs!

You never know where things might end up when taking a morning walk with the Mad Madster. We dropped Mom off at the train and set out in search of a bagel for Maddie. The baby savagely tore into her first bagel chunk while we headed for home.

The smell of rain was in the air as we began our long trek home. Bagel crumbs littered the sky as Maddie the wood chipper went to work one another piece of bread. We were about half way home when the rain kicked in.

Maddie was protected under her bubble canopy, but insisted on kicking her feet out into the rain. She found the cold raindrops hitting her toes absolutely hysterical. She started giggling uncontrollably while she kicked out at the rain. If not for the restraints holding her in, she gladly would have hopped out of the stroller and started rolling through the gathering puddles.

As we turned the corner for home, we caught a quick wave from one of Maddie’s friends at the drycleaners. We ducked in out of the rain and I plopped Maddie up on the counter to say hello. After a quick greeting, Maddie fixed her attention on the shiny pole at the end of the table.

Before we knew it, Maddie transformed the drycleaners into her own Wednesday morning dance party. She grabbed the pole and executed her most prolific Maddie shuffle to date.