Maddie Squashes the Flu Bug

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Flu Bug no match for Mad Maddie!

After going back and forth, Maddie finally sided with the medical community and insisted that her parents go in and get their flu shots. After weighing the pros and cons, Maddie decided that she was not willing to risk a potential flu outbreak in her home.

Personally, I think Maddie was looking for a little payback after her vaccine issues in early October. (READ: Baby Pays the Price) But we decided that even though neither of us have ever gotten the shot or contracted the flu in the past ten years, we would comply with our daughter’s wishes.

So after an almost two hour nap on her PaPa – Maddie was ready to escort her parents out on the town for some nice flu shots. We saddled up the baby and headed downstairs for our walk. I was in the process of placing the wind guard over the baby’s stroller when the buggy was rocked by a frigid blast of wind. Maddie’s eyes went wide with confusion and she wondered if the weather was actually a greater threat than the flu bug.

We started walking and Maddie was on full alert, collecting every bit of visual data she could absorb. Once we made it to the drugstore with out anymore rogue winds buffeting the stroller, Maddie was content to grab a quick nap while her parents got their turn with the needle.

Trying to get the flu shots presented a little more of a challenge than we originally anticipated. The girl behind the counter seemed overwhelmed by not only her job, but by the sheer act of taking down our information. I could already tell that interacting with her was certainly going to be more painful than the flu shot itself. Even Maddie woke up long enough to eye the clerk with complete dissatisfaction and let out a few disapproving snorts.

Once the shots were over, Maddie seemed to lose all interest in the process. However, on the way back home she did a crack a little smile that seemed to say, revenge is a dish that it best served cold. Little does she realize that her next round of shots have already been scheduled for early December.

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