Baby Pays the Price for Rigorous Vaccination Practices

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CDC vaccination policies do more harm than good

A combination of doctor trickery and parental ignorance led to a great deal of pain and suffering for our baby Tuesday night.

I have always wondered about the controversy surrounding infant immunizations and the adverse impact on young children. I’m here to tell you folks – there is great reason to fear your doctors and their half-assed policies regarding shots for babies.

Our pediatrician (not for long) told us that our 11-pound, 2-month old baby needed two shots and an oral Rotavirus vaccine. Three doses of WHATEVER seemed like a lot for such a tiny creature – but like an idiot – I deferred to the doctor. Moments later, we found out that these two shots actually contain FOUR different vaccinations. Now I’m pissed and praying that the baby is ok.

Turns out that praying was not enough, because four hours later – the dam ruptured and all hell broke loose. Out of nowhere – Maddie started screaming with a desperation we could not have even imagined in our wildest dreams. She was inconsolable for nearly two hours and clearly suffering from her vaccine cocktail. We contacted the on-call doctor who told us that this was a very rare reaction to the shots. Being lied to by a witch doctor didn’t make the situation any better at all.

Despite all the warnings from friends and family who had bad experiences with their kids – we just had to learn the hard way.

Watching my baby suffer has made me a true believer in the ineptitude of the CDC and these so-called medicinal practitioners. There is no reason to load up such a little person with such a potent cocktail of drugs when these vaccinations could be spread out over time.

The CDC and its rigorous shot schedule is for the birds. It is completely up to the parents to modify the shot schedule and defy both the pediatricians and our wonderful friends at the CDC.

Our doctor was very slick – but our eyes have been pried wide open. One shot at a time is more than enough from now on – but thanks anyway.

2 thoughts on “Baby Pays the Price for Rigorous Vaccination Practices

    marcyspacek said:
    October 5, 2011 at 11:48 am

    Ridiculous AAP and CDC policies. With your baby, go with your gut. Highly rec Dr Sears’ The Vaccine Book too.

      vaccinexchange said:
      October 17, 2011 at 1:14 am

      I agree. I’ve come to realize we need to keep ourselves informed, because that’s the only way we can really make the best decisions for our kids.

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