Forget Irene – Hurricane Maddie Poses Greatest Threat

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Hurricane Maddie - Abandon hope, all ye that enter!

Being born in New Jersey, Maddie thought that of all things she would have to worry about – earthquakes and hurricane landfalls were pretty far down the list. But much to her dismay, both of those anxieties are climbing up the list at a breakneck pace.

Stay Home PaPa is stressing out the family with his evacuation plans and Maddie is not taking it well. She went on the warpath for the better part of the evening. Her only peace came when once again, the only way to soothe her was by going outside.

It was a little gusty outside and that’s just how the baby likes it. We tromped around for the better part of 40 minutes much to Mad Maddie’s delight – but once we came back inside, the dark side reared its ugly head.

Forget about Irene, Hurricane Maddie released the full scope of her fury. Those tiny, but powerful lungs generated winds in excess of 95 knots – tearing trees asunder, overturning mobile homes and giving her dad the beginnings of an aneurysm.

Like the Big Bad Wolf – she huffed and puffed until the house was barely standing. If we board up the windows, it’s hard to tell whether it will be to keep us safe from the storm or the outside world from Maddie’s wraith.

Either way – what’s been a long week is shaping up to be an even longer weekend.

One thought on “Forget Irene – Hurricane Maddie Poses Greatest Threat

    Michael Haynes said:
    August 26, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    Great journal. You should get this stuff published. Seriously! Your writing style is great.

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