Baby Sleeps While Earthquake Rocks the Matrix

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Wake up Maddie - Earthquakes really aren't that boring!

“Wake Up Neo, The Matrix Has You!”

This is the creepy little message that launched the Matrix trilogy and woke the poor disoriented Keanu out of sound sleep. I had a similar experience on Tuesday after Maddie and I experienced our first earthquake together. I was actually on the phone with Gina when I couldn’t help but notice that the pictures on the wall were moving and rattling.

Even though I grew up in an earthquake-free New Jersey, I told Gina, “I have to go! We’re having an earthquake!” I snatched the baby out of the crib and moved to the center of the room. As the shaking began to intensify, it looked liked the television mounted on the wall was experiencing some distress.


In the past, had I noticed that the television was about to commit suicide, I would have sprung into action and staged a light speed rescue operation. I would have positioned myself to make the catch and lowered my sweet electronic friend gently to the floor. But strangely, this thought never even crossed my mind!

As the television set jiggled, I clutched Maddie a little bit tighter and told the tv, “Sorry old friend, doesn’t look like you’re going to make it!”

We stayed in the center of the room away from any possible falling objects and prepared to make our escape outside. After about 30 seconds, the shaking stopped and the baby never even bothered to wake up. It was then that the realization hit me, “Wake up Neo, Maddie has you!”

As long as the baby was safely tucked into my arms – I was perfectly content to watch everything in the room self-destruct, just as long as it did not adversely impact Maddie. There was no thought of multi-tasking – no concern about any material items – just the singular obsession to make sure that the baby was perfectly happy – no matter what acts of God were unfolding before us. Somehow, I have been completely reprogrammed!

As for Maddie – she slept through the whole thing and missed all the action. The shaking, rocking and rolling was just another day at the office as far as she was concerned. When later asked about her indifference towards the temblor that shook the East Coast, Maddie indicated that unless Richter Scale really starts a Rockin – Don’t come a Knockin!!

One thought on “Baby Sleeps While Earthquake Rocks the Matrix

    marcy said:
    August 26, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    Awwwww. Daddy wins!!

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