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Baby Suffers From Flip Phone Angst

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You have exactly THREE seconds to open this phone!

Even though Maddie is just a few days short of her first birthday, there are already a few characteristics that have really taken root. One of those traits is a complete lack of patience when it comes to unraveling how things work. Today’s flip phone temper tantrum seriously left her father shaking his head.

For weeks now, dad has foolishly let Maddie mess with his flip phone. Flip phones are relatively tough and if they stay closed, the baby doesn’t accidentally get into a long drawn out conversation with “Peggy” in the Ukraine.

The trouble began this afternoon when Maddie spied the open flip phone laying on the couch. I snapped the phone shut before the little NASCAR princess could close in on her conquest. This has never been an issue before, but today was obviously a different story.

Maddie snagged the phone and immediately went hard to work on the task of prying open the phone. No big deal, she would either snap it open or she wouldn’t. I was hoping to keep it closed for another couple weeks, but if she opened it, so be it.

For three steady minutes, Maddie studied the mobile device from every angle. She combed the phone buttons and releases. She even whapped it on the ground a few times, but the magic communication shell would not yield its secrets. Suddenly Maddie popped on to her feet, stuck the phone in my face and started screaming.

I calculated that this outburst would last for about 2-3 minutes and fizzle out due to lack of interest. I was far from correct. This went on and on and broke down into a Mexican standoff. I was not opening the phone and Maddie was flabbergasted that I was not following orders.

The fact of the matter is that the next 15 minutes became a contest of wills. Would I let the baby ravage the phone or would I listen to her forlorn cries of desperation? In the end, the baby finally yielded – but not before she burst my eardrums and exhibited a temper tantrum that would make Mt. Vesuvius green with envy. It becomes a little more apparent each day that I’m in serious trouble.

Pardon the Interruption – Maddie Gets Fired Up

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Do I make you nervous?

My 7-month-old daughter has always been the model of decorum in public settings. But sweet Madeleine may well be on her way to reversing that trend.

It started in church this morning. Maddie was being as sweet as can be and once again charming all those around her, including her father. Maddie was sitting on my lap when she turned around, put her hand on my face and gave me the most amazing smile. It will always be one of those perfect moments frozen in time.

So as you can see, Maddie was in a calm and happy place, shrouded in butterscotch and ponies. But suddenly she found herself troubled by a disturbance in the force. We were just minutes from Communion when you could see her patience dry up all at once.

First she got frustrated and then she got very loud. So loud in fact that when Mom headed up for Communion, Maddie and I scooted out the back door. What’s funny is that nobody seemed to notice Maddie’s little outburst except her parents. We’re funny that way.

Fast forward to a couple hours later at a local restaurant. Maddie had just finished eating and seemed to be high spirits. However, looks can be deceiving. Once again and without warning, Maddie was off to the races.

The baby was more than happy to share her discontent with her fellow restaurant patrons. “Check Please!” As you might have guessed, the lunchtime festivities were over. We got Maddie back in the car and she was sound asleep within two minutes.

So whether this was a pair of isolated instances or the beginning of a new trend, I struggle to keep Maddie in the dark about how I really feel about these little tantrums. I absolutely love to watch her in action whether she is batting her eyes at a stranger or swinging for the fences.

Her little grunting noises and snorts of protest are just too cute. Of course I don’t want to encourage her to act out, but it’s impossible for me not love and enjoy someone like her who is just bursting with all that pent up energy and craziness.

Maddie Unleashes the Perfect Storm

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This one might leave a mark.

We put Maddie to bed three times last night and three times she came up swinging. After yesterday’s travel tribulations, we had to expect some level of payback and to quote Brad Pitt from the movie, Inglorious Basterds, “Cousin, business is a’booming.”

Maddie woke up with a big smile on her face early this morning and showered her grandparents with all the charm a four-month-old could ever hope to exude. But around 6pm, things seemed to drift a little bit off course – could the gales of November come stealing?

The clouds around Maddie seemed to darken, but she was fighting the good fight and with a little snack before bedtime, it might all end well. We laid Maddie down and it looked like lights out, but looks can be very deceiving.

Ten minutes later the wind in the wires made a tattle tale sound and the exhausted baby vowed to not go down without a fight. She came up swinging like the young Mike Tyson, going for the 90-second knock out.

She bucked and screamed, but it all ended as quickly as it began – peace was restored and Maddie was back into the land of dreams in a matter of minutes.

But don’t pop the champagne just yet – 15 minutes later, waves crashed over the railing and the gales of November came slashing! Maddie lost all semblance of control this time and it was off to the races.

Crying, hyperventilating and a hurricane force cry that threatened the safety of the entire crew. The tears rained down and the inconsolable sobs echoed across the void. Maddie was readying for a temper tantrum that she hoped would echo through eternity.

Gina was shaken by the ordeal, but for once, the baby had more bark than bite. Although her breakdown was impressive, it didn’t have the usual staying power that Maddie has become famous for. Hopefully the baby will get some good sleep tonight, because tomorrow she will have a plethora of aunts, uncles and turkeys to contend with.