Easter Egg Hunt Down

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I was told there would be eggs…
Got to pick up the pace
Where are the fifties?
Those eggs never had a prayer


Maddie’s Easter Balloon Focus

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Baby Endures Another Round of Airline Mechanical Issues

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Let the games begin!

For the second flight in a row, Maddie was treated to more mechanical meltdowns compliments of United Airlines. (They hate to fly and it shows)

It was a long and arduous trip home, but it did not tarnish a wonderful Easter weekend with the entire family. We pulled up to the airport in Chicago this morning with plenty of time to spare. We even breezed through security and things were proceeding almost too smoothly. That’s when we saw that our flight was already delayed by a couple of hours.

Actually, being stuck at the airport was the best part of the day. Maddie and Aunt Jacque got to hang out and throw food together at the airport Chili’s. There was no pressure, plenty of food and a happy baby. But once we made our way down to the gate, things got a little dicey.

There was a mob of people who had been waiting for some time to get to Newark and United had one person manning the gate. We shuffled onto the airplane and found our seats. We had no idea that our time on the runway was just beginning.

Once again, Maddie managed more than an hour of runway naptime only to find her parents wondering if they were ever going to take off. At one point, we were supposedly taxiing down the runway for takeoff when the pilot had to turn around for mechanical issues.

Hot tip: Babies as a general rule don’t like to sit still in a plane. Especially if they already were stranded for several hours at the airport due to “windy conditions.” Once we got into the air, Maddie’s patience’s was on shaky ground.

We pulled out all the entertainment tricks in the book, but after four hours plus on the plane – Maddie was fed up. You can’t blame her, we could have flown to the moon and back by the time we left O’Hare. After a while, Maddie staged a few mini-meltdowns – but her behavior went above and beyond. She fought the good fight and we were very proud of her.

Baby Takes Easter Fashion to New Heights

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Whether it was a simple pair of rabbit ears or a stunning Easter dress – Maddie made it all work this weekend while visiting family in the Illinois farming country. She was in a festive mood and was a great crowd pleaser throughout the entire weekend.

Even her behavior at the Sunday Easter services was a far cut above the show she put on last week in Jersey City. We will take advantage of this Easter Holiday to share a little holiday photo shoot courtesy of the Mad Madster.

Baby Shines Through Ridiculous Travel Day

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Even my patience has its limits

Maddie’s look seemed to say it all, “You guys are pushing your luck!” After a flight to Chicago and three plus hours in the car, my 8-month-old super star was winding down before our eyes. Today’s flight wasn’t as adventurous as her faux-emergency landing at Newark last week, but it did have it moments.

We hit the airport early armed with snacks, stealth and experience. Our plan was to feed Maddie before boarding the plane. Do to unforeseen circumstances, that didn’t quite happen. But Maddie kept her spirits high and was patient enough to let us feed her on the plane.

Once again, we were all underwhelmed by the grandeur of Newark Liberty Airport. We taxied so long that Maddie finished a full bottle, some English muffin pieces and almost an entire apple worth of slices. We actually thought that the pilot had diverted to the highway and was going to taxi us all the way to Chicago. Anyway, by the time Chucky Lindbergh got the bus in the air, Maddie was celebrating her Sweet 16.

At the tail end of our flight, Maddie started to unravel a little bit. But before she could get out of hand, a woman across the aisle started telling her what a good girl she was. Maddie has never been one to shy away from attention. She made fast friends with the woman who chatted with her until we actually landed. Good stuff!

Maddie endured another 3 hours in the car like a champ as we pulled up to the thriving metropolis of Peoria, Illinois. Both of my lungs collapsed before I could actually blowup Maddie’s little inflatable tub. As we got Maddie into the tub, it was obvious that her sense of humor had left the building. We needed some baby supplies so I slipped out to the store and left bedtime operations to her mom.

As the door closed behind me, I could hear Maddie lighting up her mom with high-pitched screams and fussing. But I figured that after the day she had, the baby was more than entitled to vocalize a few well-placed complaints. Tomorrow we will have a full report from the baby’s first fish fry!

Baby Puts her Stamp on Palm Sunday Service

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You don't want any of this

Maddie’s parents thought they had the perfect strategy going into church this morning. Feed the baby a bottle during mass and she would be the model of decorum. We found some space near the front and immediately broke out the bottle.

Maddie obviously thought this was a great idea. She knocked back the bottle with real gusto. Sure she swiveled her head some and broke contact a few times, but all in all she enjoyed a really nice relaxing bottle. (Or so we thought)

One the bottle was finished, Maddie needed a good look around to take in her surroundings. This quickly devolved into a Daddy versus honey badger wrestling contest. The crazy critter was arching her back, trying to dive onto the floor and delivering round house kicks for all she was worth.

Keep in mind this is no big deal and actually par for the course. Maddie always has ants in her pants and this kickboxing workout in her father’s arms was nothing out of the ordinary. As long as she was keeping quiet, there was nothing to worry about.

As the service progressed however, Maddie decided that she had some complaints she wanted to share with the congregation. There were just murmurs at first, but then Maddie was really ready to express herself. She started off with a complex variety a subtle squeaks and chirps that many people in the immediate area found cute and charming.

But you could see people start to wince when the squeaks morphed into sharply placed scream-bursts. Then the baby snared me into her most famous game also known as the bait-and-switch. The game works like this. Every time we get up to leave, she falls instantly silent. She flashes those gorgeous eyes at me and I’m hypnotized. I’m convinced that she is now ready to behave herself and the shenanigans have come to an end. (S-U-C-K-E-R)

After losing a few rounds of bait-and-switch, it was time to call in the big guns and hand her off to Mom. This kept Maddie quiet for all of 30 seconds until she was off to the races yet again. Mom and Maddie made their way to the back of the church. I caught up a moment later to see both Maddie and her mom covered with spit up. Easter services are only a week away and Maddie will have to work hard to top today’s performance.