I Climb, Therefore I am!

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Piece a Cake!

Whenever things get quiet in Maddie’s household, that’s when Daddy knows it’s time to spring into action. The deafening sound of silence washed over me from the living room and I darted down the hall into the master bedroom.

I was sharply put out to find Maddie up on our bed which is much higher than most.

“Gina, Did you leave the baby up on the bed?” I growled towards the bathroom.

Before my wife could answer, Maddie started jumping up and down on the bed proclaiming, “I CLIMB, I CLIMB, I CLIMB!”

Two words that struck me like a sharply hit line drive in the forehead – 22-months-old and the monkey is already scaling the bed?

Sure enough, I helped her down and she repeated the reckless action, this time under my supervision. Maddie propped her tiny feet on the base of the box spring and launched herself commando style up onto the bed, clawing and scratching wildly to avoid falling backwards into the abyss.

Once the terrorist conquered the bed before my own eyes, she broke out into wild celebrations with uncontrollable jumping on the bed.

And for my next trick….

We often read a book to Maddie called, “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” Clearly, we are not getting through to her.

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