Maddie Mastering the Art of Escape

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Don’t look at me, I was here the whole time!

It’s hard to keep up with Maddie and her ever-expanding bag of tricks. She is 14-months-old now and has a startling grasp of the English language. Her spoken words are limited to Heyy, bye, Daaa and Maaa – but her comprehension of words and phrases is unmistakable.

When you ask Maddie for a specific item, she brings it to you.

Maddie, get your shoes – She comes back with her shoes. Maddie, please don’t do that – She stops to see if you really mean it and if you plan to do anything about it. And that’s really where the trouble has taken root.

Maddie is well aware of the things she’s not supposed to do and this has led to the development of some very mischievous tendencies.

First of all, Maddie knows she’s not supposed to open and empty her clothes drawers. Just this morning, Maddie wandered down the hall into her room and I heard her slide open the clothes drawer. I streaked down the hall to catch her in the act. She obviously heard me coming and was running out of the room when I arrived.

The drawer was wide open, but the antagonist had fled the scene.

As I was closing the drawer, I heard the oven door open in the kitchen – another forbidden activity for Maddie. (Yes, the oven was OFF!) I sprinted towards the kitchen in time to see the serial offender making good on another escape.

As I mentioned, Maddie is 14-months-old and is already employing bait and switch escape tactics. I can see this getting complicated in big hurry.

One thought on “Maddie Mastering the Art of Escape

    MiMi said:
    October 11, 2012 at 12:45 am

    Maddie’s mother emptied clothes drawers when she was a toddler too. Wait until Maddie starts putting the clean clothes in the laundry basket for you and you start questioning why you have so much laundry. Such a little helper!!!!

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