Maddie Yearns to Help Fix the Air Conditioner

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Have you checked the freon levels??

After two miserable days with a less-than-satisfactory performance from our air conditioning unit, Maddie was at her wits end. So when the repair people came calling this morning, the baby was hot to trot to help them out. Where ever they roamed, Maddie was not far behind.

She just had to see what they were doing. Every time I scooped her up, she acted out until I put her down so she could lend them a helping a hand. As they made their way into to a/c unit, Maddie was hot on their heels.

Since I had work to do in the kitchen, I erected a Berlin Wall like structure to keep the inmate in her asylum. Of course being on the wrong side of the fence was no big deal for Maddie, as long as she could closely monitor the activities beyond the wall.

She watched every move and assured me that the next time the air conditioning goes on the fritz, she will be more than happy to take care of business for me. Maddie also made it clear that if the temperature in her room surpasses the 75-degree mark this evening, there will be true H-E double toothpicks to pay. She’s been patient so far, but even Maddie has her limits.

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