Is Maddie Really a Paper Chaser?

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You steady chasin’ that paper!

In a song called “Live Your Life,” T.I. and Rihanna make multiple references to the pursuit of paper. Rihanna indicates that she has no time for haters because she’s actually a paper chaser.  That’s quite strange because Maddie is also a critically acclaimed Paper-Chaser in her own right.

The question is, “Are these two women chasing the same kind of paper?”

The answer is a resounding NO!

T.I. and Rihanna are using the slang term “paper” which actually refers to money. The true “Little Miss Sunshine” is my 11-month-old daughter Maddie and instead of money, she’s interested in real paper.

She chases it around the house with reckless abandon, tears it into little pieces and then tries to stuff it in her mouth. Try as we might, we have been unable to dissuade her from this fruitless action. However, Maddie fully comprehends that we do not approve of this action.

Normally I can get to her before she sticks it into her mouth, but sometimes we have to remove the paper straight off of her tongue. We’re pretty sure that this is not a hunger issue, most of the paper-chasing takes place after her meals.

It seems that this is just another exercise Maddie uses to assess her parents’ behavior and learn valuable lessons in how she can successfully get away with the things she wants to accomplish. Maddie likes to get her way and is never worried about breaking a few eggs to cook up a nice omelet.

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