Baby Stomps All Over Stairs Challenge

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Is this the way to the gym?

A day after complaining about my amazing daughter’s complete disregard for the laws of gravity, things have taken a rather perilous turn for the worst.

Yesterday, Maddie took a keen interest in the stairs. I supervised her very closely as she attempted to actually climb one. At the time, I was very relieved that Maddie was no quite able accomplish this monumental task. However, Maddie the Lion-Hearted is a not girl who takes defeat very easily.

So this morning, one of her first orders of business was to take another shot at the stairs. Imagine my surprise when after just a little experimentation, she was able to scale two stairs. OK, take a deep breath – There’s no reason for me to panic just yet, it was only two stairs. However, the glint in Maddie’s eyes told me that she was just getting warmed up.

So how long would we have to wait before Maddie perfected the art of raiding the stairs? How about just a little less than four hours? That’s right, shortly after Maddie woke up from her afternoon nap, she was off to the races climbing the stairs with reckless abandon.

No fear, no hesitation, Maddie just marched up ten stairs as if she had been doing it since the day after her birth. So now I must enhance my passion for protection as Maddie has laid down the gauntlet for the newest and most dangerous activity to date.

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