Baby Takes First Crack at the Swings

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Does this ride come with a pony?

Maddie’s parents were so excited to introduce Maddie to the stunning world of swinging. That liberating little chair that launches you into orbit and more often than not brings you safely back to earth. Since Maddie is always up for a new adventure, we were excited to see her reaction to her first ride on the magic swing.

I lowered my baby into the swing and her mom started gently pushing her. We looked at Maddie expectantly – searching for that whisper of a thrill. This is the little girl who gets fired up for a water bottle or a shoestring. So you can only imagine her reaction to sailing through the air without a care in the world.

So let me break the suspense – Maddie was completely unimpressed! My little swinging angel was the complete picture of apathy. She was looking around at other people and wondering why she was wasting her time sitting in this cramped little chair.

Did I miss the laser show?

Maddie wasn’t angry or put out – she just had other interests to pursue that did not include swinging through the air. She was much more interested in seeing what the people around her were doing. And that’s another reason why the Madster is so fun to be with, she is always on the case. She locks into what’s going on around her and won’t be distracted by anything else – even flying back and forth through space.

One thought on “Baby Takes First Crack at the Swings

    memyselfandkids said:
    June 28, 2012 at 3:10 am

    Niether of my boys seemed particularly into swinging the first time they went – at least not as much as I was. However, it changed pretty quickly with both of them.

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