Baby, Grandparents Enjoy Last Morning Together

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Who has the Metro Section?
The family that reads together, stays together. Maddie and her grandparents made it a super Sunday before the baby began her long drive home.

As is her way, Madeleine was up with the sun and ready for action this morning. After her morning bottle, the grandparents were in charge while Maddie’s parents started packing.

The trick was to try and get on the road in conjunction with the baby’s naptime. After the trio made their way through the Sunday paper, it was time for a break.

Can you come back later, we’re a little busy

Maddie and her grandfather got down to the business of cartoon watching. A short time later the car was packed and Maddie extended her heartfelt goodbyes to the family.

It was a tough for the little tiger to leave her grandparents and she shared that discontent with us most of the way home. It was a great visit for us and Maddie can’t wait to come back.

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