Baby Mistakes Pool for Big Gulp

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Can I get a ride home?

The sun was shining and Maddie was more than happy to join her cousins for a great day in the pool. By observing my niece and nephew, it was apparent that the water was going to be a wee bit cold.

One step into the pool and I had my confirmation – the water was chilly – but was it too cold for Maddie? The baby was kicking like crazy and obviously wanted a sample. I lowered her into the water and as usual, she only wanted more.

It turned out that the water really wasn’t too bad. We meandered around the pool and after a while, Maddie was ready for her personal flotation device. She hopped in and it was all systems go. With Maddie’s churning legs, she got us up to about 40 mph. The casual observer must have thought we were racing around in a hydrofoil because of the 30-foot wake coming off of Maddie’s floatie.

Soon it was time to set her free and watch her explore on her own. Unfortunately, Maddie took this as an invitation drink and be merry. The only problem is that we don’t want the baby drinking and driving. As a matter of fact, we don’t want her drinking any water that comes out of the pool.

Unfortunately, there was no distracting her from this task. The more I interrupted her, the more she fought and clawed to drink the pool water. After about ten minutes, I realized that there was no way to sidetrack this obsession. So how do we convince Maddie that the pool is not a glorified fountain drink?

For now, we will have to keep plugging away until we find a solution to Maddie’s strange cravings. Of course it won’t stop us from going to the pool, but it’s nice of our little girl to add another twist to our rest and relaxation efforts.

One thought on “Baby Mistakes Pool for Big Gulp

    smartignani said:
    June 9, 2012 at 2:10 am

    Too cute… I can just see her now in my mind. They are too funny! Great entry~ you should write a book!

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