Baby Loving the Attention, Hating the Insomnia

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Why would I sleep at a time like this?

Being in a new house surrounded by throngs of loving aunts and uncles is a great way for a five–month-old to spend the holidays, but it can be very taxing on the baby’s sleep schedule. This came to light around 4:45 this morning when I heard my wife say to me, “Honey, I’m so tired, can you take Maddie for me?”

Well of course I can! I stumbled out of bed and gently lifted my little girl into my arms – Her feet were kicking wildly and she was obviously ready for some thrills and action! After a quick diaper change, we made our way downstairs for a little bit of holiday cheer.

After about five laps around the kitchen and the living room, Maddie was restless and contemplating a shocking wakeup treatment call for the entire household. This is when we decided to take an early morning drive and perhaps try to coax out some that early morning energy.

I got Maddie all bundled up all nice and warm before we began our car journey to destinations unknown. I had just strapped Maddie into the car seat when she suddenly decided that this was not the best time for a car trip. She was quick with the anger and more than happy to give me the business just as we eased out of the driveway, I reached into the back and let Maddie hold my pinkie as a peace offering.

Maddie fiercely gripped the finger and tried to decide whether or not this was a worthwhile gesture. After we made it about 300 yards down the road it really didn’t matter any longer, because the baby was fast asleep.

We drove around for about an hour and even got the chance to visit a McDonald’s drive-thru. By the time we arrived back at home, all sins were forgiven and Maddie had a nice little nap under her belt.

As it turned out, she would need every second of that sleep, because putting her bed later that night was all but impossible. As we know from past experience, it will take a day or two to get Maddie comfortable and sleeping well in a new setting.

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