Annoyed Baby Suspends Church Services

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I made it to the church on time, but I'm leaving early!

Even though Maddie looked amazing in her pink suspenders this morning, she wanted to arrive at church with as little fanfare as possible. Flanked by her posse, she made into Mass under the radar and was soon seated comfortably in her PaPa’s arms.

The problem was, she was doing her best to make her father laugh and it was really working. She kept making funny faces and her dad kept chuckling, helpless to resist Maddie’s charming sense of humor.

PaPa was actually worried that his daughter’s shenanigans might get him into some hot water when he noticed that something was really rubbing Maddie the wrong way. It turned out that the little boy sitting in front of Madeleine had a squeaky high-pitched voice and it was really disturbing the baby. He kept chattering away and Maddie’s patience was drying up quickly.

Suddenly her bottom lip started to quiver and I realized that the tears could not be far behind. Sure enough, Maddie’s started melting down and it was time for both of us to hit the road. I gathered up my little girl and we made a beeline for the exit. As soon as we got out into the foyer, Maddie was more than happy to quiet down and take a look around.

After about 15 minutes, PaPa mistakenly tried to bring the baby back into Mass. That lasted about three whole minutes before Maddie notified her dad once again, “Time to get me out of here!”

This time we went outside and once again, Maddie was perfectly happy with the change of scenery. Maddie’s reaction to sounds continue to change from week to week, so there’s no telling which noises will bother her and which ones she will ignore. This is just another funny way the baby strives to keep us on our toes.

One thought on “Annoyed Baby Suspends Church Services

    Lorane Martin said:
    November 28, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    I like your perspective on babies in church. I will think of you and Maddie every time I hear one whimper. What better place to take a child than to church to show love to our GOD. LOve Gran M.

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