Baby’s New Need for Stimulation – Almost Un-BEARABLE

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The latest developments in Maddie’s personality seem to have caught her parents off guard like a good smack in the chops. The baby has suddenly decided that during waking hours, she requires either constant attention or constant motion.

Some of her toys have lost their luster and so far, it’s up to Mom and Poppa to fill the void. This is actually great fun except for the fact that Maddie’s restlessness is now completely off the charts.

However, our one-on-one conservations have taken on a powerful new flavor. For two days in a row now, Maddie sits on my chest and really tells me what’s on her mind. She speaks so loudly and with so much emphasis that I really can’t get a word in edgewise. Seriously! I start speaking to Maddie and she belts out a long unintelligible stream of baby conversation. So now the question becomes:

  • Is she answering to me?
  • Mirroring me back?
  • Trying to drown me out?

Based on our recent interaction, I honestly think she is trying to drown me out, which actually delights me to no end. It is loud and persistent and almost as obnoxious as I often choose to be.

She is also becoming more and more addicted to the Baby Bjorn. Much to her delight, we took another long walk today where the only way I can see what she’s up to is by stopping at parked cars and evaluating her reflection in the glass. What’s very entertaining is despite the fact that the thing looks pretty uncomfortable, after about 10 minutes of walking, Maddie completely conks out, dead asleep.

When I walked into the house with Maddie, her mother was very concerned seeing the limp baby in the Baby Bjorn – “Is she ok.”

I assured her that Maddie was just catching a few winks. But I can understand the initial shock of it all. Imagine being strapped to another human being, who is holding your hands out to the side for added warmth and you are sleeping peacefully without a care in the world?

It’s hard to discern whether or not this is just a passing phase or something that will go on for some time to come – but you can always count on one thing with Maddie – It’s never boring!

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