Baby Ramps Up Feeding Time Drama

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This better be about my lunch

We have a long way to go before even contemplating what type of career Maddie may choose to pursue – but one trait that has really been shining through in the last couple of days is her flair for the dramatic.

Maddie has always been an avid eater, but her recent wild demands for food have been laced with more and more drama. We have already risen to the challenge of having food ready to go every three hours if she wants it. But even a five second delay is five seconds too long if Maddie decides it is time to eat.

Even sitting Maddie down five feet away to grab the bottle has become a life and death struggle that is expressed with her newfound desperation cry for food. This new cry starts off the like the old one, but then revs up like an old engine that won’t catch, wild emotion emanating with each snort. Then we hit the full on drama-soaked cry of a baby that decided she was hungry less than ten seconds ago.

Once the bottle hits Maddie’s lips – her performance comes to a stunningly abrupt halt. Of course we realize that most babies use crying to communicate, but we really feel like Maddie is adding a little extra something to express her developing acting prowess.

No one likes to be hungry, but to go from smiling, to screaming bloody murder to happily eating all in under 15 seconds, seems just a little bit suspect. Don’t get me wrong; I actually love each and every performance and can’t wait to see my little girl on stage. But for the time being, my wife and I feel blessed to get these up close and personal silver screen auditions several times a day. Maddie Drama and the Hunger Blues is coming to a theater near you – Don’t you dare miss it!

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