Baby Girl Unleashes Sonic Scream

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Maddie is determined to announce her presence with authority before she turns two-months-old on Friday. Although my little girl has yet to form any words that we have actually been able to decipher – she is bound and determined to overcome this obstacle by using a combination of persistence and piercing volume.

The persistence aspect shows itself when Maddie is awake because she is always working hard on those communication skills. Our little girl is currently employing a series of clucking, chirping, grunts and screeching to convey her secret, but very noisy messages.

The screeches are the newest addition to her repertoire. It’s a high-pitched mini sonic scream that really cuts right to the heart of the matter. It’s amazing that such a powerful and shocking noise can be generated by such a tiny person. Maddie seems pretty confident that once she fires off one those ear-splitting blasts – she has commandeered all the attention in the room. 

The fascinating thing about these specialized events is that the little girl doesn’t seem to be communicating any specific emotion when she does it. The sonic scream is just the baby’s way of putting her raw power on display.

As we have mentioned on multiple occasions – Maddie employs an amazing degree of intensity to just about everything she does. This screech really punctuates her efforts to hip us to her personal wisdom.

For right now, we find these noises remarkably endearing and could not be happier that she is willing to share her thoughts with us. However, if this ear-splitting siren call increases in pitch and duration, we have to wonder if her serenades will quickly lose their appeal.

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