Yukon Baby Tackles City Blizzard

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This isn't cold - where's my bikini?

The snow was piling up outside and the wind was charging up the Hudson River. All it took was one quick peek at the raging storm outside for the 6-month-old Mad Madster to make up her mind! “I’m going in!”

At this point, Maddie doesn’t particularly care for the taste of bagels, but she loves walking to the little shop where everyone is ready to share a smile and comment with her.

She snapped on her warmest pink bear outfit and called on her father for a little transportation (at least that guy is good for something!) Maddie got all snapped into her Bjorn and was ready for a crack at some real snowmageddon! Her father was a little tentative on the icy steps, but the little girl was restless and demanding some real action.

The harsh snowy wind gave little Maddie a good lick in the chops and I wondered how she would handle it. I paused at a parked SUV and peered at our reflection. This way I could see the baby’s face and gauge her reaction to this frontal blast a frigid air. It was obvious right away that she was fascinated by Mother Nature’s fury and it was time to press on.

I used a scarf as a baby windscreen and kept talking to Maddie during our trudge acorss the snowy sidewalks. Every time we passed a taller vehicle, I took a quick glimpse to make sure the baby was fighting the good fight. A few times we even had to walk backwards to keep the wind from blasting into the face of our little princess.

Once we entered the bagel place, the heat inside seemed more shocking to Maddie than the cold air we had just wandered in from. The place was pretty empty for 7:30 on a Sunday morning, so Maddie focused on grabbing the attention of the boys behind the counter. They all went to great lengths to greet and welcome her.

The walk home was better for both of us because the wind was now at my back. The snow began falling more heavily and the Yukon Baby shared these words with her father, “Buckle up buttercup and keep it moving!” I picked up the pace, but as usual, Maddie was just toughing it out and taking it all in.

One of the first things I noticed in our reflection as I walked up the stairs to our home was that Maddie must be bulletproof or have a built-in heat generator in that bear outfit. Her father was completely blanketed in snow from head to toe and Maddie was pristine – looking like she had just come off the runway. Even weather can’t bust the honey badger!

Baby Deploys Weather Shield to Combat Bitter Cold

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Wake me up when it's over

With the wind chill hovering around 10 degrees, Maddie had to break out the heavy artillery for this morning’s road trip. Actually, her father had her outside for a grand total of 50 seconds – but it was cold out there.

Maddie’s new counter-weather outfit is like a bullet proof, oxygen tent, pressure suit sleeping bag that goes around the baby for all of her trips to the Arctic.

Step One began this morning when we took Maddie’s mom to work and then made our way to the store. Luckily, the car stays parked in a garage where the average temperature is about 75 degrees, so the first part of our frigid journey was anti-climatic. I parked out front, while Maddie was getting all bundled up in her insulated body length weather shield. Getting Maddie from the front door into the car took less than 8 seconds. This part of the journey actually failed to even get Maddie’s attention, because the car was already nice and toasty.

The next stop would present more of a challenge – I would have to run Maddie from the parking lot into the store. However, when I got to the back seat, the little girl was fast asleep. The ten second jog into the store didn’t even wake her up!

However, once we got into the store, I had to peel this massive snow suit off of the baby before she got too hot. However, when it was time to leave – Maddie was wide awake and all fired up to test out her new winter gear.

Just as we ventured outside, a 25 mph wind gust buffeted the shopping cart. This fierce frozen blast must have made its way past the baby’s weather defenses because her eyes snapped wide open as soon she felt it. The baby wasn’t upset, but she was giving me a scathing look that seemed to say, “Excuse me, what in the world was that?”

However, even that shock was all-too short-lived. Once I had Maddie settled into her car sear, she passed out asleep again before I was even finished loading the trunk.

As for the snow suit – It is truly a formidable outfit and at some point we may actually take a walk with it – but today would not be that day!

Maddie Breaks Out Monkeys for October Snowstorm

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Aren't monkeys made for winter?

You have to forgive Maddie for not being overly concerned about snow in October. At the ripe age of 13-weeks-old, the baby has already had to deal with an earthquake and a hurricane evacuation.

When Maddie and her parents entered the store to go shopping, it was cold and windy. 40 minutes later when they were leaving, there was a full blizzard raging. PaPa pulled right up to the entrance – but still had to get Maddie into the car.

Maddie gave her Dad a knowing smile as he picked her up in the car seat and ran for the car. Just as he popped the door open, he could see the baby frantically trying to catch some of that snow on her tongue. She really wanted a flake and as luck would have it, one landed right on her tongue. Her eyes went wide with surprise and then delight as she snagged her first flake.

Once we got home, it was time to expose the baby to the elements once again. The wind whipped PaPa and the baby as they trudged up the stairs – but Maddie could not have been happier. She may actually turn out to be a real-live cold-weather woman!

Even once we got inside – Maddie still looked like she was ready for action, but her snow time adventures had come to an end.

After some food and a change – it was time for Maddie to try out some toasty winter-ware and thanks to her Aunt Jill and Uncle Jim, we had just the ticket. Let’s face it,  everyone knows that when the cold weather gets going, it’s time to break out the MONKEYS!!

Earlier this year, Jim and Jill had gotten Maddie a full-length stunning sleeper with a chimp on the hip and one for each foot to ensure maximum monkey-warmth for the baby. So while the snow and wind raged outside – Maddie and the monkeys slept soundly all through the night.