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Maddie Dials Up the Charm for 1st Day of School

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Sorry, I have to take this!

So Mom and Dad dropped off Maddie for her first day of school. It all happened far too fast as we left the building already stressing about what Maddie might be up to. The teachers kept their word and called us with an update about 45 minutes later.

They said Maddie cried for about 2 minutes and then started running around with the other kids. She was digging into her little lunch when they called and I was chomping at the bit to pick her up.

 I held myself in check and picked up the baby right on schedule. They told me that when the other children were sitting down, Maddie made sure to give them each a kiss on the top of the head. Once again proving that she is the sweetest girl anyone could have ever wished for.

First day and I caught a squirrel!
I’m getting the hang of this
Who’s up for a little catch?