Why Crawl When You Can Scoot?

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I choose an alternative mode of transport!
Is it better to scoot or is it better to crawl? This is an age-old question that has plagued scholars for hundreds of years. That last statement may not be true. I’m not sure I have ever heard of a “scooting” baby but I know from personal experience that they do exist.
As a matter of fact, my 9-month-old baby girl Maddie has decided to skip crawling and enter the mysterious world of the scoot.
Maddie really had us fooled this weekend. We thought for sure she was ready to start crawling up a storm. She’s been assuming the crawl position for some time now. She has also become quite the expert at flipping from her back to tummy or vice-a-versa. However, since all of her past forward facing efforts have led to moving backwards, she devised the perfect alternative – – – the SCOOT.
If Maddie sees something she wants in front of her, she scooches on her bottom or lays on her side and kind of slithers in the direction of the item until she has it in her clutches. Say what you will, but the fact that my daughter has snubbed the institution of crawling and still manages to move herself from point A to point B is pretty impressive.
This mini-MacGyver is snatching the items that she wants through sheer will and determination. Granted this is not the most efficient or expedient way to take care of business, but for now it works for her.
It also means that I have a longer time-horizon to build steel cages and dig moats to keep Maddie from escaping down long and treacherous flights of stairs once she learns to pick up speed.