Maddie Perfects the Art of Raspberries

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My spittle speaks volumes

In the past couple of weeks, Maddie’s favorite form of communication has become the raspberry.

To clarify, a raspberry is a noise created when the baby sticks just the tip of her tongue out of her mouth and blows a sharp stream of air. This creates a vibration of lips and tongue that results in the wet and distinctive raspberry.

It’s a spittle-spraying affair that seems to cover a wide array of the baby’s emotions. Surprisingly, it also seems to delight all of those within earshot.

Lately, these mini-saliva-splattered events have been evenly distributed between Maddie’s efforts to entertain those around her and those early evening grumpy spells.

During the holidays, Maddie focused a great deal of these entertainment raspberries at her grandmother. Maddie figured out that she could make MiMi laugh with each rumbling spackle!

However, when the evening is winding down and the baby is getting tired, her raspberries take on take on a much more ominous tone. That light-hearted spray instantly becomes a harsh pelting storm of venomous rivulets of spit. The angry raspberries are often mixed with gasps and sobs.

The most entertaining phase of Maddie’s raspberries is during the diaper change. I try not to laugh, but it seems like such an unlikely time to be making those types of noises, she gets me every time.

Suffice it to say that Maddie’s little sense of humor is quite developed for a girl who has still yet to speak her first word.